WRFO Wild Horse Areas

Wild Horse Areas in the White River Field Office

Laws and regulations

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act Of 1971
(Public Law 92-195) 

Title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subparts 
(43 CFR 4180.2)


Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas

West Douglas Herd Area (HA)

   Piceance - East Douglas Herd Management Area (HMA)

Public Notices

BLM Seeking Comments on Proposed Wild Horse Gathers by 2/14/15

The BLM is now seeking public comment concerning proposed gathers of excess wild horses in areas managed by the White River Field Office (WRFO). The WRFO is proposing to gather excess wild horses in the West Douglas Herd Area (WDHA) and the Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area (PEDHMA). The BLM is seeking public input on alternatives or issues that should be considered when evaluating the proposed gather operations in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Within the WRFO, the priority would be to remove excess wild horses from within and adjacent to the WDHA. However, if it becomes difficult to gather excess wild horses from that area, the WRFO would gather excess wild horses from areas within and adjacent to the PEDHMA. The WRFO is tentatively allocated space in holding facilities for up to 167 excess wild horses in fiscal year 2015; gather of any excess wild horses within the PEDHMA is contingent upon whether or not (and if so, how many) excess wild horses are gathered and removed from the WDHA. The documents outlining the proposed gather operations are available through the following links: proposed WHDA gather and the proposed PEDHMA gather.

Comments regarding the proposals can be mailed to Melissa Kindall, WRFO, 220 E. Market Street, Meeker, CO 81641 or submitted via email to mkindall@blm.gov .


Wild Horses in Piceance - East Douglas HMA

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