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Wild horse and foal 

Excess Determination and History of the WDHA

 Wild Horse Management History and Current Conditions within the West Douglas Herd Area (January 2015, Revised April 2015, Revised September 2015)

Memo: West Douglas Herd Area Review of Current Situation (1/14/15)

Memo: West Douglas Herd Area Excess Wild Horse Determination Decision (1/27/15)


Genetics Reports

West Douglas 2002 Genetics Report

West Douglas 2010 Genetics Report





FY - 2012


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2012-0104-FINAL EA





FY - 2010


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2010-0088-FINAL EA


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2010-0088-Preliminary EA



FY - 2008


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2008-052-FINAL EA


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2008-052-Preliminary EA

  FY - 2006

DOI-BLM-CO-110-2006-166-FINAL EA


DOI-BLM-CO-110-2006-166-Preliminary EA



   FY - 2005

CO-110-2005-083-EA and 2007 Affirmed Decision 







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