Rio Grande Natural Area
Rio Grande Natural AreaRio Grande Natural Area

The Rio Grande Natural Area (RGNA) was established on October 12, 2006 to conserve, restore, and protect the natural, historic, cultural, scientific, scenic, wildlife, and recreational resources of the 33-mile stretch of the Rio Grande between the southern end of the Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge and the Colorado-New Mexico state border. 


Rio Grande Natural Area Act - This is the legislation that created the Rio Grande Natural Area.


Rio Grande Natural Area CommissionRio Grande Natural Area Picture

The Rio Grande Natural Area Act also established a 9-member Commission to advise the Secretary of the Interior with respect to the Natural Area and to develop a management plan for the non-Federal land within the Natural Area. The RGNA Commission is a BLM Resource Advisory Council (RAC). 

Federal Register NoticeThis is the notice for the creation of the commission. 



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Picture of Rio Grande Natural Area from Lobato Bridge