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San Francisco Creek #1 APD

The BLM San Luis Valley Field Office authorized the construction of a well pad and access to drill and develop an exploratory oil and gas well on private land approximately five miles south of Del Norte.   The well will be drilled on a 35-acre lot owned by the Dan A. Hughes Company near County Road 13. The BLM leased the federal mineral rights below the private land were leased for 10 years from the Bureau of Land Management in 2006.

The drill plan requires that intermediate casing be used through all useable water bearing zones. The BLM and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will conduct inspections during and after drilling operations to ensure compliance with the permit. These inspections will include checking the integrity of the well and casing as well as other standards spelled out in the permit.

The terms of the drilling permit require the operator to obtain approval from the BLM before conducting hydraulic fracturing operations. These conditions of approval can be found below. The operator is also required to abide by all state regulations regarding the use and reporting of hydraulic fracturing operations.

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