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Tres Rios Field Office




Tres Rio Field Office




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The Four Corners region is a land of great diversity.  From the spectacular San Juan Mountains to the thousands of Ancestral Puebloan ruins to the awesome Dolores River Canyon, the Tres Rios Field Office is the steward for many of the premier recreation attractions in Southwest Colorado.  Recreation opportunities include whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, motorcycle riding, photography, wildlife viewing, picnicking, or just enjoying a drive along one of the many scenic routes through southwestern Colorado.

Travel and transportation are an integral part of virtually every activity that occurs on BLM-administered public lands in Tres Rios.  Along with recreation, activities such as livestock management and access to commodity resources, private inholdings, and electronic sites, as well as the day-to-day management of the TRFO, all rely on effective travel management planning.


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Silverton Sheep Flock Tracking

In order to help the public determine where they may encounter sheep flocks and livestock protection dogs, the BLM has provided herders with GPS Tracking devices.  We recommend becoming familiar with the grazing allotments maps near Silverton, CO by clicking on the links below.  Once you are familiar, then please click on the real time GPS data links to locate the sheep flocks.  If you have questions, please contact Shannon Borders at 970-240-5399 or Garth Nelson at 970-882-6847.

Sheep Grazing Allotment Maps
Gladstone   Elk Creek/Maggie Gulch   Deer Park   Eureka   Picayne/Mineral Point

GPS Herd Tracking Information

Encountering Livestock Protection Dogs
If you encounter livestock as you enjoy public lands, most likely livestock protection dogs and herding dogs are nearby.  These animals are working dogs either protecting the herd from predators or moving the herd as needed.  If the dog comes toward you, in a firm voice tell the dog “go back to the sheep.”  Do not act aggressively toward the dog.  Continue to give the dog the command “go back to the sheep” until you are safe to continue your journey.

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Special Recreation Permit Application Deadline
Alpine Loop Recreation Area Management Plan

Livestock Protection Dog Brochure

Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card


Tres Rios Field Office
Connie Clementson, Field Manager

29211 Highway 184
Dolores, Colorado 81323
Phone: 970-882-7296
FAX: 970-882-6841