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 Approved Resource Management Plan &

 Record of Decision

 Image: Tres Rios Approved RMP Cover

 Image: Volume I Final EIS Cover

Approved Resource Management Plan

and Record of Decision

Final Environmental Impact Statement


Dear Reader Letter

Cover and Table of Contents

Record of Decision

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Resource Direction

Chapter 3 - Area Direction

Chapter 4 - Monitoring Plans

Chapter 5 - Literature Cited


Cover and Title Page

Dear Reader (including BLM Protest and USFS Appeal Procedures)

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need

Chapter 2 - Alternatives

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences

Chapter 4 - Public Involvement and Coordination

Chapter 5 - References


 Image: Appendices Crosswalk

Appendices Crosswalk

A - BLM Lands Available for Disposal

B - Paleontological Resources

D - Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability

E - Special Recreation Management Areas

G - Climate Change Trends and Management Strategy

H - Oil and Gas Leasing Stipulations

I - Vulnerable Watersheds

K - Fire Regime and Condition Class

L - BLM Grazing Allotment Status and Permitted Animal Unit Months

N - Sage Grouse Best Management Practices

O - BLM Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

P - Federally Listed Species and Sensitive Species

R - BLM Master Leasing Plan Policy and Description of Leasing Analysis

S - Response to Comments on the San Juan/Tres Rios Draft Land and Resource Management Plan and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

T - San Juan National Forest Biological Evaluation and BLM Sensitive Species Analysis

U - Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

V - Final Environmental Impact Statement Maps

W - Analysis of Plans and Land Use Policies of Adjacent Governments and Tribes


X - Crosswalk for Maps and Appendices


Y - Biological Opinion

 MAP of Planning Area
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 Image: Map of TRFO RMP Planning Area



Documents & Links


Federal Register Notice


Areas of Critical Environmental Concern


ArcGIS Geospatial Data Files (USFS)


Air Quality Technical Support Document


Comprehensive Air Resource Protection Plan (2013)


Protest Report


Plan Maintenance August 2015


Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


Draft Land Management Plan (2007)


Draft Supplement (2011)


San Juan National Forest Planning Page


Canyons of the Ancients National Monument Resource Management Plan (2010)


Plan Maintenance February 2016

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario Documents

2006 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario

2006 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario Appendix F

2009 Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario