Inventory of lands with wilderness characteristics

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Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


Wilderness Characteristics Inventory 2015

COF-020-018, N. Badger Creek

COF-020-069 Bills Creek

COF-020-041 Waugh Mountain

COF-020-056 North Coaldale Cotopaxi

Wilderness Characteristics Inventory 2013

BLM resource specialists assessed and inventoried public lands in the Royal Gorge Filed Office to determine whether any possess wilderness characteristics.  The assessment was conducted in compliance with BLM responsibilities under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 and in accordance with BLM Manual 6310 - Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands.

Manual 6310 (.PDF of process)

Manual 6320 (.PDF of results)

Process for analysis


KML File

Inventory Summary

A closed route is slowly growing back     Aspens reclaim an old road     View from the top