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Sheep Mountain CO2 Well

The Bureau of Land Management Royal Gorge Field Office is starting a public comment period for two CO2 wells on Sheep Mountain, near Gardner, CO. The comment period starts on August 8 and lasts until August 22, 2014. Comments should be sent to Aaron Richter at

The draft environmental analysis can be found here.

Project Description

OXY USA, the operator of the existing Sheep Mountain CO2 production unit, has proposed to drill two new CO2 wells (SMU 7-15-I and SMU 8-15-D). The project would take place within the boundaries of their existing operation, on both private and BLM surface lands, over BLM minerals. The project would utilize existing roads, powerlines and maintenance facilities. A new pipeline is the only new infrastructure that would be necessary, and it would be installed in an existing pipeline corridor. One well (7-15-I) would take place on an existing pad with currently producing wells, while a new pad would be constructed next to an existing pad in order to drill the other well (7-15-D). Most of the expansion would be reclaimed and re-vegetated as soon as the rig leaves the pad. The project is estimated to take three months for each well.

The Sheep Mountain Unit is located approximately 6 miles south of Gardner Colorado, and has been producing CO2 since the early 1980’s. The produced CO2 is piped through an existing pipeline to the Permian Basin in West Texas, where it is injected underground into producing petroleum reservoirs that are in decline, aiding in the removal of the fluid minerals.


For more information or to provide a comment, please contact Aaron Richter at 719-269-8512 or

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Project Map