Over The River™ Final EIS Documents

Over The River™ Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


Letter to Readers

Title Page


Table of Contents


Chapter 1.0 Introduction

Chapter 2.0 Alternatives

Chapter 3.0 Affected Environment

Chapter 3 OTR Final EIS Maps

Chapter 4.0 Environmental Consequences

Chapter 5.0 Mitigation and Monitoring

Chapter 6.0 Consultation, Coordination, and Document Preparation



Appendix A — Permits and Approval Summary for the Over The River Project

Appendix B — Alternatives Development Technical Support Document

Appendix C — Visitation Projections for Over The River

Appendix D — Traffic and Transportation Technical Support Document

Appendix E — Incident Frequency Study

Appendix F — Comment Response

Appendix G —Prospectus: Over The River Bighorn Sheep Mitigation & Assessment

Appendix H — Programmatic Agreement on Historic Properties

Appendix I — US Fish & Wildlife Service Consultation