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Over The River™ EIS Documents

Over The River™ EIS Documents

The following documents are either required or part of the process that is regulated under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 in the development of the Over The River (OTR) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

OTR Final EISThe Final EIS identifies seven alternatives, including a no action alternative, and alternatives that vary by panel length, transportation, visitor management and timing considerations. These alternative will be considered during a 30-day availability period and may be modified before the BLM issues the Record of Decision.  The 30-day availability period will end on MM dd, 2011. 
OTR Draft EISThis document was developed in response to a land use application for a temporary work of art by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and provides a range of seven alternatives including a No Action alternative. A 45-day comment period will end on August 30, 2010.July 16, 2010

Public Scoping

Public Scoping CommentsA public scoping period was initiated after Christo and Jeanne-Claude submitted their art project proposal. This is the initial step that begins the public involvement process as directed by NEPAJanuary-July 2006

Federal Register Notices

Notice of AvailabilityFederal Register Notice announcing the availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement and the beginning of the 30-day availability period. 
Notice of AvailabilityFederal Register Notice announcing the availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the opening of the 45-day comment period.July 16, 2010
Notice of Realty ActionFederal Register Notice announcing the submission of a written proposal by Christo and Jeanne-Claude for a land use authorization to construct and display their Over The RiverTM project. The Notice provides information on the EIS process, project description, agency and contact information, comment period dates, and key issues.October 31, 2008
Notice of IntentFederal Register Notice announcing the intent to prepare an EIS and conduct public scoping. June 19, 2006