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High Altitude Mountain Environment Training NEPA

The BLM Royal Gorge Field Office received an application and a Plan of Development (POD) from the US Army Fort Carson requesting the use of public lands to conduct High Altitude Mountain Environment Training (HAMET).  The BLM is in the planning stages for the preparation of a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document to evaluate the potential environmental effects of HAMET on BLM lands.  The purpose of NEPA is to encourage public participation and actively inform the public, organizations, government agencies, Indian tribes and elected officials about the proposed action and to receive public input during the environmental review.

Casual Use Letter - The casual use letter dated May 1, 2013, represents the most recent coordination with the Army related to HAMET exercises on BLM lands.

Plan of Development - The POD represents the highest level of use the Army projects could occur on BLM lands. Current use is much less and can be found in the Casual Use Letter.

Exhibit 1 - Area of Activity

Exhibit 2 - Helicopter Landing Zones

Exhibit 3 - Aircraft Type

Exhibit 4 - Noise Study

IM 2001-030 Military Use On and Above Public Lands - This IM is a compilation and restatement in a single document of statutory, regulatory and policy guidance that affect the authorization of military activities that may impact public lands managed by BLM.

      Attachment 1 - Military Activities on the Public Lands
      Attachment 2 - Definitions and Acroynms

If you would like to sign up to be on the email list for HAMET communication, please email with HAMET in the subject line.