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Denver-Julesburg Basin

Denver - Julesburg Basin


The Denver-Julesburg or DJ Basin is a geologic structural basin located in northeastern Colorado, it extends into Wyoming, Nebraska, and western Kansas.  The basin consists of a large syncline of stratified Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rock layers.  Within these rock layers are the Cretaceous sandstones that produce the majority of petroleum products that are extracted from the basin including the Wattenburg Field which is one of the largest natural gas deposits in the US.  The upper formations of the DJ Basin are aquifers that are referred to as the Denver Basin aquifers.  These aquifers provide water to millions of people in Colorado. 

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Colorado School of Mines, and The Univesity of Colorado at Boulder provide information on paleontologic and geologic  resources located in the DJ Basin.  We have highlighted several links below to help you in your search for information. 

 Useful Links

Denver Museum of Nature and Science 

Main Home site - check for special exhibits
Prehistoric Journey – travel through time starting 6,400 years ago (3.5 billion years ago).
Gems and Minerals - One of the best gem and mineral exhibits anywhere
Follow a fossil – on line exhibit on how fossils are found, prepared and researched
Ancient Denver – learn about Denver’s geologic history based on research drilling in 1999.
Ice Age – learn about strange creatures that lived here only a short time ago
Colorado School of Mines
Geology Museum  This museum has approximately 50,000 minerals, fossils, gemstones, and artifacts.
Arthur Lakes Library  engineering and science library
Paleontology Hall  - learn how fossils are studied and what we can learn from them.