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Penrose Moss Rock Area

The purpose of the Penrose Moss-rock collecting area is to provide a family friendly area for non commercial rock collection. Typically individuals use this area to collect sandstone for small landscaping projects.

Permits are issued for a ten day total time period. A one week extension is possible for periods of inclement weather by contacting the BLM by phone, mail, or by coming into the office.

Each individual is limited to a maximum of 3 permits and 20 total tons per calendar year. Permits must be applied for and signed (in person) by the individual named on the permit. That individual must be present when the rock is being collected.                                

The price for a rock collecting permit is $9.35 per ton with a $5.65 reclamation fee per ton for a total of $15.00 per ton (2007), this is subject to periodic adjustments.

Authorized types of Equipment

  • Wheel barrows or any other hand operated equipment
  • Small trailers that can be towed behind a pick up (no fifth wheeler or goose necks)
  • Four wheelers with small trailers (must have registrations)
  • No vehicles larger than a one ton pickup (Winches or a small boom in the bed of the pickup are allowed)

Unauthorized types of equipment

  • Skid loaders
  • Bob Cats
  • Backhoes
  • Dump Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Any type of commercial equipment

These permits are for rock collecting. They do not authorize other uses of the public lands such as collection of wood or forestry products. Any target shooting must be done in a safe manner that is not hazardous to other people or to houses and all brass, targets and litter removed.

The signature of the permittee on the permit (Form 5450-5) indicates that the permittee has read and agreed to the permit stipulations and any additional permit procedures.

Click here for general directions to the Penrose Moss Rock Area.

Click here for a map in the area.