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General Conditions of Use

General Conditions of Use 

Placer Activities

  • Streamside (riparian) vegetation shall not be damaged by operations.
  • Motorized vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking areas and shall be kept at least 20 feet from the edge of the stream, and away from wet or muddy areas next to the stream, streamside vegetation, or wetlands.
  • On shore excavation locations shall be refilled upon completion of work. If the operator leaves the area for more than a two-day period, this work must be completed prior to departure.
  • All trash, debris, or other items that were brought to the area, shall be removed to an approved disposal site when work is completed.

Public Lands

  • Control erosion and water runoff.
  • Take measures to isolate, remove, or control toxic materials.
  • Reshape and re-vegetate disturbed areas where reasonable and practicable.
  • Rehabilitate fisheries and wildlife habitat where reasonable and practicable.
  • Maintain equipment, and other facilities in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Do not collect or disturb historic or archaeological resources or sites.
  • All operations are required to comply with applicable state or federal regulations pertaining to threatened and endangered species.
  • Unnecessary and undue degradation of public lands is not authorized.


  • You must not camp longer than 14 days in any 30 day period, at any one location, including any campground on public land.  After the 14 days have been reached, you must move at least 30 air miles away from the previously occupied location.
  • All campers are required at a minimum to carry and use a portable toilet and fire pan.
  • The camping regulations apply to individuals camping on public lands in undeveloped locations and for relatively short durations for recreational purposes.
  • Camping is authorized utilizing standard guidance applicable to public lands along the Arkansas River in cooperation with the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. 
  • At Cache Creek, we strongly recommend camping only at developed campgrounds in the area based on the limited parking and our desire to keep this area open for recreational placer mining.