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Little Known Facts

Did you know . . .

  • Did you know that if you can’t grow a product, it has to be mined or recycled?
  • Did you know that buying a book online burns 1-ounce of coal?
  • Did you know that quartz sand and limestone are used to make glass?
  • Did you know that plastics are made with petroleum products?
  • Did you know that an average new American home contains more than 8-tons of gypsum?
  • Did you know that molybdenum is used as a coating on solar panels cells to aid in conduction?
  • Did you know that Hybrid cars typically use more copper than non-hybrid cars?
  • Did you know that the foundation for a wind turbine may contain over a thousand tons of concrete and rebar?
  • Did you know that silver is used as the reflective coating on mirrors?
  • Did you know that the three most common minerals in CDs and DVDs are aluminum, gold, and oil?
  • Did you know that during the Revolutionary War, about 1,200 pounds of minerals were needed per person, per year?  And as of 2005, that amount had increased to 47,502 pounds?
  • Did you know that minerals are in the makeup we wear?  Some of the more common minerals include talc, mica, clay and calcite. Iron and chrome oxides are used to provide the colors!