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Hunting in Northwest Colorado

Respect The Land

Bull elk photoPublic lands are available for recreation and other multiple-use activities, subject to applicable laws and regulations. Taking responsibility and showing courtesy for the land and the landowner will make everyone's experience more enjoyable.

Use common sense. Avoid travel that will cause resource damage or introduce roadway rutting. Limit travel during inclement weather. Do not start new roads and trails by habitual travel over unestablished routes.

Know where you are! Obtain the proper maps and be knowledgeable in reading them since the intermixed land ownership in Colorado can be confusing. Be sure roads are legally accessible to the general public. Not all BLM roads are open for public use. Contact the local BLM office for maps and information.

All gates should be left as they were found. Abide by all signs and posted areas. Do not damage range improvements or harass livestock. Report littering and vandalism. Contact the local BLM office about any access problems, complaints, or unauthorized uses.

It is a FELONY to...

It is illegal to...

  • have a loaded (in the chamber) rifle or shotgun in or on any motor vehicle
  • shoot from, across or within 50 feet of the centerline of a public road with a firearm, bow or crossbow
  • interfere with hunters, including alarming or distracting prey; causing prey to flee by light or noise, chasing by foot or vehicle; throwing objects, making movement or threatening hunters
  • shoot from or use any type of motorized vehicle or aircraft to hunt, chase, harass, or drive wildlife
  • erect any barriers that deny access to hunting areas

Did you know...

  • Edible wildlife meat for human consumption must be prepared. At a minimum this includes the four quarters, tenderloins and backstraps.
  • All animal parts including bones, heads, and hides are to be moved and dispersed at least 300 feet from campsites and roads.
  • Firearms (except handguns) and bows transported on an OHV must be fully enclosed and unloaded (no cartridge in chamber or magazine) in a hard or soft case. Muzzleloaders cannot be primed to fire.
  • No party hunting (hunters may only shoot animals they personally hold a valid license for).
  • Hunters must physically go to the location an animal was shot at and attempt to track and locate it.
  • Evidence of sex must be naturally attached to the carcass (a severed head does not meet this requirement).
  • Hunting license must be voided immediately upon harvest.
  • You must wear at least 500 square inches of solid Daylight Fluorescent Orange above the waist.

For a complete listing of the rules and regulations, please contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Remember, you are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations.

Private Land

Always obtain permission before hunting or fishing on, or crossing private lands. Colorado state requires all hunters and fishermen to obtain permission before hunting on private land. Using private lands is a privilege and whether or not to grant that use is a decision made by the landowner. If landowners do grant permission to use or cross their land, the same responsibilities and courtesies that apply to the use of public land, also apply to private land.


Access to Public Lands

Access to public lands may be gained legally only on roads having public easements. All public lands intersected by a public road may be used by the general public free of charge. Public lands intervened by private land with no public access may not be used without permission from the private landowner to cross his/her land. It is important to determine the availability of access of lands intended for use well in advance of the outing.

Corner crossings from one piece of public land to another piece of public land is not legal if the surrounding land is private.



Ask to be sure your guide is properly licensed!
  • Are you registered with the Colorado Office of Outfitters Registration? If so, what is your Colorado Outfitters Registration number?
  • Will we be hunting on Public Land at any time ? If so, do you have a Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service permit to operate on Public Lands ?
  • View the Special Recreation Permit page

Commercial Outfitters

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