Rocky Mountain Youth Corps 2010

Funded by the Take It Outside program, the Rocky Mountain Youth Corp (RMYC) had a crew of nine people who assisted in the removal of hazard trees and construction of fencing for resource protection. A total of 720 work hours occurred between July 12th-16th and August 2nd-6th in the Independence Mountain and North Sand Hills Special Recreation Management Areas. Mountain Pine Beetle infected hazard trees were removed along approximately .3 miles of Independence Mountain Road, which is a major access route to public lands in the area. The removal of hazard trees along the road provides for public health and safety, reducing fuel loads and assisting in the regeneration of a healthy forest landscape.


The North Sand Hills SRMA is a semi-active, cold climate parabolic dune complex that provides unique recreational opportunities that include camping, scenic views, hiking and off highway vehicle opportunities. The RMYC constructed 213 sections of buck and rail fencing,equaling approximately 3195 feet of vegetative protective fencing while utilizing the harvested hazard trees from Independence Mountain as materials. The RMYC also assisted in the re-contouring of disturbed areas to protect exposed root beds and enhance natural regeneration of the area plant community. The project provided work for youth and young adults who had a great sense of accomplishment in enhancing and protecting the resources found on public lands.