Wolford Mountain Travel Managment Plan

Wolford Mountain Travel Management Plan

The Wolford Travel Management planning project was initiated in 2001 when Kremmling Field Office resource staff expressed a compelling need to designate travel routes in response to a significant increase in OHV use on BLM lands immediately north of Kremmling.  A formal environmental assessment process for designating the inventoried routes and evaluating the impacts of the designations was started in late fall of 2003 and completed in December of 2004.  This process was conducted in conjunction with existing NEPA regulations, Land Health Standards, and current BLM travel management policies and direction.  A Finding of No Significant Impact and a Decision Record (Decision) was issued on January 24, 2005. 

The Decision authorizes the designation of approximately 167 miles of motorized routes within the 33,152 acre project area.  Specific routes are designated for full-size vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles.  Approximately 29 miles of the 167 mile total is designated for administrative or authorized motorized use only. 

The Decision also provides for unrestricted hiking and jogging use throughout the project area, with one mile of trail designated for foot travel only.  Unrestricted horseback riding use is authorized except within a 200 acre Area of Critical Environmental Concern (Cretaceous Ammonite site). A 2.3 mile motorcycle trail is closed to motorcycle use annually from September 16 through May 31 of the following year to provide for a ‘quiet use’ period for non-motorized users on the slopes and summit of Wolford Mountain.

The Decision incorporates an annual implementation plan which spells out how, when, and where the field office will construct kiosks, install signs, and prioritize reclamation of closed routes.  It also includes a monitoring plan for tracking user impacts throughout the project area, and provides a requirement for conducting routine law enforcement patrols to educate users and ensure user compliance with the new route system.  Annual implementation and monitoring plans and accomplishments will be subject to allocated funding.

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Wolford Mountain Travel Management EA

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Map 3: Current Use Alternative - Summer (2.35 MB)
Map 4: Current Use Alternative - Winter (2.21 MB)
Map 5: Low Use Alternative - Summer (2.39 MB)
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Map 9: Proposed Action - Summer (2.37 MB)
Map 10: Proposed Action - Winter (2.17 MB)
Map 11: Cumulative Analysis - Area A (194 KB)
Map 12: Cumulative Analysis - Area B (207 KB)

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