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TU Trail Maintenance

Trout Unlimited- Fraser River Access Trail Maintenance


This project was a continuation of the 2007 National Public Lands Day project.  In 2007, the National Public Lands Day project was to re-route a fishing access trail from private property onto BLM-administered lands.  This foot access trail leads to a popular fishing area along the Fraser River outside of Tabernash, Colorado.  Some of the trail already existed on BLM lands but an additional 0.22 miles needed to be constructed to mitigate trespassing issues.  The trail now totals 0.55 miles (one-way) but still needed many water bars, rock steps to alleviate sedimentation into a small stream, reroute/rehab, and general tread maintenance/corridor cleaning. 


Volunteers from Trout Unlimited completed 0.2 miles of reroute and rehab of the existing trail.  This section was an old two track road which was reduced to one sustainable tread.  The volunteers installed 22 check dams that were constructed from harvested beetle kill trees to reduce the amount of runoff on the trail.  Other volunteers built 14 rock steps that lead visitors down and up from a small stream to prevent sedimentation into the steam.  Another group of volunteers completed general tread maintenance and corridor cleaning, which included trimming branches out of the trail, moving rocks, and rebuilding trail tread to allow for water drainage across the trail.


Overall, this was a great project that included many local community members as well as people from the Front Range.  This project continues to provide a more sustainable access trail to the Fraser River for fishermen, hikers, and wildlife viewers.  This project also continues to build a successful partnership with Colorado Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimted.