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National Public Lands Day 2009

Gore Canyon Trail Maintenance and Colorado River Clean-Up

The 2009 National Public Lands Day consisted of two projects along the Colorado River. The first was the continued improvement and maintenance of the Gore Canyon Trail. The second project was the clean-up of the river corridor and maintenance of dispersed camp sites along a stretch of the Colorado River. The BLM Kremmling Field Office partnered with the West Grand High School, Headwaters Trails Alliance and employees of the National Sports Center for the Disabled for these projects.


For it's second year, the Gore Canyon Trail was restored to provide continued and safe access to the upper sections of the Colorado River. Members of Headwaters Trails Alliance and students and teachers from the West Grand High School participated on this project. Approximately 1800 feet of trail tread that had filled in creating unstable outer berms and heavily angles inside sloughing were rebuilt to full bench standards. These sections of trail had become narrow and unsafe for visitors to the area to pass each other and water was no longer moving across the trail but down it increasing erosion of the tread. Additional rock cribbing was installed near the end of the trail to ensure safe passage and minimize future maintenance requirements in an area that was unstable. Six large stone steps were installed where the trail meets the high water line, providing safer footing to and from the trail. Additionally, students moved two 3,000 pound rock slabs and another 1,500 pound rock slab using other rocks as a fulcrum.  The entire length of the trail corridor had basic maintenance completed by trimming overgrown branches and shrubs, and removing rock and root hazards.


The Colorado River clean–up had employees from the National Sports Center for the Disabled donate two rafts, with several members of the public also volunteering and providing float boats. The entire 15 mile stretch between the Pumphouse Recreation Area and State Bridge had both shorelines inspected for trash which was removed. This was completed by separating volunteers into three groups, each assigned a separate section of river. Seventeen dispersed fire rings were cleaned of ash and debris, with other trash found at the sites removed. A Dory float boat which had sunken earlier in the year was also removed from the river bottom.