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The Land

The Kremmling Field Office manages 377,860 acres of land spread out in a boundary almost four times the size of the State of Rhode Island. 

In addition to these acres the Kremmling FO oversees 2.25 million subsurface acres for mineral development.  The Focus of the Kremmling FO management is to ensure balanced stewardship of the public lands and resources.  Managed lands are within Jackson, Grand, Larimer, Eagle, and Summit Counties. Resource activities include wildlife, cultural resources, grazing, minerals, forest products, rights-of-ways, paleontological resources, and recreation.

Click here for detailed land status map. (8.5"x11", 1mb)

  Click here for large, detailed land status map. (34"x44", 7mb)

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Area Maps

·         Hunting and Fishing

o   Game Management Units

o  Colorado River Fishing Access

·         Rafting

o   Colorado River

o   Blue River

·         Off-Road Vehicles

o   North Sand Hills

o   Wolford Mountain Transportation

·         Hiking and Solitude

o   Colorado River

o   Troublesome Wilderness Study Area

·         Mountain Pine Beetle

o   2008 Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation Map

o   Mountain Pine Beetle Progression Map

The above maps and files are updated frequently.  Please check back soon for new information. 

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The Employees

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