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Blue Valley Land Exchange


Exchange Profile  (.PDF   34KB)

Exchange Process Current Step  (.PDF 94KB) Nov. 2005

Scoping Comments Summary (.PDF 77KB) Nov. 2005



Proposed Exchange Parcels   (.PDF 507KB)

The Blue Valley Land Exchange is a single transaction between the BLM and the Blue Valley Ranch.  It will entail exchanging 1,652 acres of Federal land for 2,005 acres of non-Federal land.  All the land proposed for exchange is in Grand and Summit Counties. The exchange as proposed would consolidate landownership patterns to reduce conflicts between users of public lands and adjoining private property; meet objectives of the BLM for wildlife, recreation, public access, and scenic values; complement the open space and resource protection efforts of Summit County in the Green Mountain Reservoir Area; eliminate scattered and isolated parcels, some which have no public access; and also help alleviate on-going trespass problems on some parcels.

Status :  There are segments of the Blue River that have been designated eligible for a Wild and Scenic River designation.  Portions of these segments are part of the proposed land exchange.  Until the suitability study has been completed for Wild and Scenic River designation (2009), the land exchange cannot be completed.  In the mean time, work will continue on the appraisals, environmental assessment and configuration of the land exchange.

To see where we are in the process, see the "Exchange Process Current Step" document below.

We recently completed a preliminary summary of the scoping comments we received during the 45-day public scoping period. See "Scoping Comments Summary" document below.

For Additional Information Contact: Dennis Gale 970-724-3003

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