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Public Involvement and RMP Timeline

 RMP Process

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Public Involvement through Development of the RMP and TMP

December 2008 – RMP Public Scoping Open Houses
-          Grand Junction
-          Collbran
-          Moab
February 2009 – Travel Management Open Houses
-          Grand Junction
-          Fruita
-          DeBeque
-          Collbran
-          Gateway
-          Delta
January/February 2013 – Draft RMP/EIS Public Meetings
-          Grand Junction
-          Fruita
-          DeBeque
-          Gateway
-          Collbran
April 2013 – Travel Management Community Meeting
-          Grand Junction

Resource Management Plan Timeline

2008 – Initiate Resource Management Plan (RMP) Revision

October 2008 – Initiated Public Scoping

August 2009 – Analysis of Management Situation
-          Develop Draft RMP

January 2013 – Public Comment Period on Draft RMP/EIS
-          Review Comments
-          Develop Proposed RMP

April 2015 – Proposed RMP/Final EIS Protest Period

April 2015 – Proposed RMP/Final EIS Governor’s Consistency Review

Resolve Protests

Develop Approved RMP/ROD

Issue Record of Decision for the Approved RMP and Travel Management Plan (TMP)

Planning Process Timeline
Last updated: 04-10-2015