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Draft RMP released January 25, 2013 for 90 day comment period (extended to June 24)

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Draft RMP Downloads (PDFs)
GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-I Ch 1-3 (11MB)
    Dear Reader Letter (0.1 MB)
    Executive Summary  (3.9MB)
    Chapter 1 Introduction  (0.7MB)
    Chapter 2 Alternatives (2.5MB)
    Chapter 3 Affected Environment (2.9 MB)
 GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-II (32.5 MB)
    Chapter 4 Environmental Consequences (4.3MB)
    Chapter 5 Consultation & Coordination (0.2MB)
    References (0.2MB)
    Glossary (0.2MB)
    Index (0.2MB)
    Appendix A - Figures (30.2 MB)  Individual & GIS Files
GJFO_Draft_RMP_EIS_Vol-III_Appendices B - Q (59MB)
     AppdxB_Stipulations (1MB)
     AppdxC_Suitability_Report (6.1MB)
     AppdxD_ACEC_Summary (0.4MB)

     AppdxE_Standards-and-Guidelines (0.1MB)

     AppdxF_wilderness characteristics (0.5MB)
     AppdxG_Draft GJFO Air Plan (0.3MB)
     Appdx-H_BMPs (0.7MB)
     AppdxI_CulturalAllocationCategories (1.6MB)
     AppdxJ_GrazingAllotments (1.2MB)
     AppdxK_Recreation (0.5MB)
     AppdxL_SRPs (0.2MB)
     AppdxM_TravelMgmtPlan (27.3MB)
     AppdxN_Coal (0.1MB)
     AppdxO_Air Emissions Inventory (0.9MB)
     AppdxP_MasterLeasingPlanAnalysis (19MB)
 Master Table of Contents   (0.2MB)
   Travel Management Maps
   Errata sheet