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Travel Management Maps

Electronic copies of maps are listed below.  Printed copies of maps are available at Mesa County Library locations. 

.pdf files (high resolution)

Original Maps (included on DRMP disk)


 Zone A Alternatives (24.1 MB)

 Zone B Alternatives (24.3 MB)
 Zone C Alternatives (22.4 MB)
 Zone D Alternatives (24.9 MB)
 Zone E Alternatives (29.5 MB)
 Zone F Alternatives (23.1 MB)
 Zone G Alternatives (28.1 MB)
 Zone H Alternatives (26.0 MB)

 Zone I Alternatives (21.8 MB)

 Zone J Alternatives (16.2 MB)
 Zone K Alternatives (18.7 MB)
 Zone L Alternatives (20.9 MB)
 Zone M Alternatives (19.5 MB)
 Zone N Alternatives (34.3 MB)
 Zone O Alternatives (26.8 MB)
 Zone P Alternatives (24.0 MB)
 Zone Q Alternatives (29.5 MB)
 Zone U Alternatives (24.1 MB)
 Zone V Alternatives (27.2 MB)
 Zone W Alternatives (20.6 MB)
 Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)

.pdf files (high resolution)

New Maps (added travel management area designations in background)


 Zone A Alternatives (24.5 MB)

 Zone B Alternatives (25.8 MB)
 Zone C Alternatives (24.2 MB)
 Zone D Alternatives (24.9 MB)
 Zone E Alternatives (29.7 MB)
 Zone F Alternatives (23.1 MB)
 Zone G Alternatives (28.5 MB)
 Zone H Alternatives (26.9 MB)

 Zone I Alternatives (24.9 MB)

 Zone J Alternatives (22.9 MB)
 Zone K Alternatives (21.4 MB)
 Zone L Alternatives (26.2 MB)
 Zone M Alternatives (24.3 MB)
 Zone N Alternatives (33.8 MB)
 Zone O Alternatives (27.2 MB)
 Zone P Alternatives (25.3 MB)
 Zone Q Alternatives (29.8 MB)
 Zone U Alternatives (24.8 MB)
 Zone V Alternatives (27.3 MB)
 Zone W Alternatives (22.3 MB)
 Overall Zone Map (41.2 MB)

.kmz files


 Zone A Alternatives 

 Zone B Alternatives 
 Zone C Alternatives 
 Zone D Alternatives 
 Zone E Alternatives 
 Zone F Alternatives  
 Zone G Alternatives 
 Zone H Alternatives 

 Zone I Alternatives 

 Zone J Alternatives 
 Zone K Alternatives 
 Zone L Alternatives 
 Zone M Alternatives 
 Zone N Alternatives 
 Zone O Alternatives 
 Zone P Alternatives 
 Zone Q Alternatives 
 Zone U Alternatives 
 Zone V Alternatives 
 Zone W Alternatives 
 County Roads 
 Private Lands 


Route Designation Comments and Issues PDF (26.7MB) 

When open, click ctrl+F and search for your route number.


Route_Designations_GIS_data.zip (21.1 MB) GIS data

Route maps were not able to be printed with the hardcopies of the DRMP due to size, detail and cost. However, all maps are available for review in the libraries, as well as available electronically online and on disks.   They will also be displayed during the RMP Open House meetings. list of library and Open house locations

In order to facilitate better comments from the trails community and the public in general, the Grand Junction Field Office of the BLM and the Grand Valley Trails Alliance have partnered to provide a complete set of Draft RMP Route Designation Maps that can be reserved and used for trail group and public meetings. This set of maps totals more than 80 maps showing the four alternatives for each of the zones A through W.

The RMP Map Set availability calendar and reservation request form is available online on the Grand Valley Trails Alliance website. Reserve the RMP Map Set for your meeting during the 90 Comment Period.

There are several printing shops in the Grand Valley that would appreciate your business as well.

Last updated: 04-05-2013