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Welcome to the Grand Junction Field Office RMP Website



This website offers information about Bureau of Land Management’s revision of the Grand Junction Field Office's (GJFO) resource management plan (RMP) for western Colorado.


GJFO planning area contains more than 1 million surface acres and 1.2 million acres of subsurface mineral estate administered by the BLM Field Office primarily in Mesa and Garfield counties, with small amounts in Montrose and Rio Blanco counties.


Due to changing resource conditions, changes in the use of public land, and new environmental concerns, the BLM prepared an updated resource management plan.


The Grand Junction planning effort provided a collaborative, community-based planning approach to assist the BLM in updating the existing management decisions and resource allocations.


The Approved Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision were released on August 24, 2015. The approved RMP documents can be found by clicking on the RMP Documents link. Information about the appeal period for implementation decisions is provided in the Implementation Decisions Appeals Fact Sheet. The appeal period for implemenation decisions such as route designations ends on Septermber 23, 2015. 

The Approved RMP allocates limited public land resources among competing human interests, land uses, and the conservation of natural and cultural resources. Goals and objectives focus on environmental, economic, and social outcomes achieved by strategically addressing demands across the landscape. Management direction is broad to accommodate a variety of values and uses. The Approved RMP provides an overall balance between the protection, restoration, and enhancement of natural and cultural values, while allowing resource use and development in existing or reasonable locations.



Christina Stark, Project Leader

Grand Junction Field Office

2815 H Road

Grand Junction, CO 81501





Last updated: 09-03-2015