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Target Shooting

North Desert

Grand Valley Shooting Range

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Also known as the 27 1/4 Shooting Range

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The 27 ¼ road shooting range is scheduled to be closed Sept 28 while volunteers clean up the BLM managed range.  

The clean-up and maintenance is scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. Sept 28 and run till noon. The shooting range and the desert area surrounding the range will be closed to all firearm use during the scheduled cleaning time.  In the interest of safety to everyone involved, the public is expected to respect the closing and not shoot anywhere near the shooting range while it is being serviced.   
The shooting range is located on a well-marked route approximately six miles north of H Road, on North 27¼ road. The range consists of a pistol emphasis area and a 1,000-meter rifle range, which has 12 sheltered shooting benches. The range is generally open every day to the public without charge, from sunrise to dusk. The range closes only during maintenance or when used for special events or firearms training.
A dedicated group of local volunteers donate hundreds of hours annually at the range, installing and maintaining range signs and picking up illegally dumped trash. New volunteers to assist in range cleanup are always welcome. Those interested in volunteering should register in advance for planning purposes by signing up online at or calling 970-244-3046. Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and bring drinking water, and a pair of work gloves.
For more information, contact BLM volunteer coordinator Fran Parker at (970) 244-3031.

This shooting range is popular with local recreational target shooters as well as hunters sighting-in their rifles prior to hunting season. 



Mesa Slopes

34 & C Shooting Area

Mesa Slopes Homepage

Provides undeveloped recreational target shooting opportunities on BLM lands.

Grand Valley Shooting Range 

34 and C Shooting Area

Dispersed Shooting

Target shooting is allowed outside of designated shooting areas in most of the field office with the following rules:

  • All targets must have a natural backdrop (hillside).
  • Never shoot across roads or trails.
  • Shooting must occur at least 100 feet from any road or trail.
  • Clean up all shells/other trash.

Certain areas are designated as "No Shooting Zones."  Make sure you are not in one of these areas if you intend on dispersed target shooting.  Contact the Grand Junction Field Office for more information: 970-244-3000.



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