The Alpine Triangle Recreation Area Management Plan

The Alpine Triangle is a Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) made up of over 150,000 acres managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.  An SRMA is a place where we recognize the outstanding recreation values and opportunities available in this area and focus extra time, effort and funding on managing these outstanding resources.  Our basic goals are simple:

  1. To facilitate the public’s enjoyment of these recreation opportunities and  
  2. To minimize the negative effects that recreation has on other resources in the area.

We have updated the Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) for the Alpine Triangle.  This is a specific plan that will guide how we manage recreation in this area for the next 20 years or so.

What area is covered by this plan?

All BLM lands between Lake City, Silverton and Ouray
BLM lands around the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, North of Lake City
See the Map of the area covered in the plan.

What types of decisions were made in the RAMP?

  • The overall goals to guide recreation management in this area.
  • The activities, settings, and experiences we are managing for.
  • The realistic actions and infrastructure that are needed to support these goals.
  • How will we work with our partners to accomplish these goals and actions. 

What process occurred for the RAMP?

  • Existing information and plans were reviewed.
  • The public was asked their thoughts on issues and concerns.
  • Partners were consulted to develop goals and identify alternatives.
  • A Draft RAMP and Environmental Assessment (EA) were released for public comment.
  • Public comments were considered and edits to the RAMP and EA made.
  • A Decision was made adopting the Proposed Action (Alternative B).
  • The Final EA, RAMP, and FONSI/Decision were released in October 2010. A legal notice officially announced the release.
  • BLM will work with partners to implement the Final RAMP.

For more information, you can email Jed Botsford at or call him at (970) 884-1436. 

Created by  the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado
Point of Contact:
Jed Botsford