Del Norte Field Office

Most BLM lands in this county are administered by the Saguache Field Office, with the exception of several sections in southern Saguache County which are administered by the Del Norte Field Office.

Contact Information:
13308 West Highway 160
Del Norte, Colorado 81132
phone: 719-657-3321
Fax: 719-657-6035


There are no developed recreation sites on BLM which are administered by this Field Office. Penitente Canyon, while within the Del Norte Field Office, is administered by the Saguache Field Office. Most BLM Lands within the Del Norte Field Office are not contiguous and used primarily for dispersed recreation and hunting.

One grant proposal to establish an extreme jeeping area is currently under consideration.

Wildlife and Threatened and Endangered Species

Big game animals include bighorn sheep, elk, deer and antelope.


There are ten active allotments in the Area.

Solid Minerals

Rock collecting allowed by permit in specified areas.

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