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Thompson Divide Drilling Proposal Information

Current Information

Updated July 31, 2015

SG Interests Notice of Staking in the Wolf Creek Natural Gas Storage Area

On July 28, 2015 BLM received a Notice of Staking (NOS) from SG Interests for a proposed well and well pad in the Wolf Creek Natural Gas Storage Area. An NOS is a first step in submitting an Application for Permit to Drill (APD). The next step is for the Forest Service and BLM to schedule a site visit with SG Interests. SourceGas holds the lease, which was issued in 1954. SG Interests has an agreement with SourceGas allowing them to drill within the boundaries of the storage area. Below is the information SG Interests submitted.

NOS Application
NOS Posting
Topo Map
Lease Map
Aerial Map
Facilities Map

US Forest Service Location Map

Lease supsension requests and previously submitted development proposals 

Lease suspension extensions (2014)
     Decision letter , SG Interests 
     Decision letter , Ursa Resources

Original Suspension decisions (2013)
     Suspension Decision Letter, SG Interests
     Suspension Decision Letter, Ursa Resources
     NEPA Info: Categorical Exclusions: SG Interests request, Ursa request

SG Interest Proposals:

In 2012 BLM and the U.S. Forest Service received six applications for permit to drill (APDs) from SG Interests in the Thompson Divide Area. Two of the six APDs are currently considered complete. We have also received two additional Notices of Staking, which is a step that precedes submitting an APD. These 6 APDs and two NOSs are proposed on a total of five well pad locations.

Current Map of Proposed Locations
List of APDs received 

Note: BLM and USFS will not address these development proposals further until a final decision is made on these leases through the EIS on Previously Existing Oil and Gas Leases on the White River National Forest.

BLM received a request from SG Interests to suspend its leases in Thompson Divide on Feb. 13, 2013. To view that request, click here . On March 28, 2013, BLM received an another suspension request from SG Interests, this time for two leases in Thompson Divide and within the proposed Lake Ridge Unit. SG Interests acquired these two leases from Encana on March 1, 2013. To view the second suspension request, click here .

Ursa Piceance Proposals:

Antero Resources began working on the Lava Boulder Creek Exploratory Development Program for a lease within the Thompson Divide in 2009 in Mesa and Pitkin counties. The Forest Service is preparing an environmental assessment of this proposal. The EA was released for public comment Sept. 27-Oct. 29, 2012. The Forest Service continues to work on this EA and at this time does not have an estimate for when it will complete the final decision. The proposal is for four wells on a single well pad. BLM has received one application for permit to drill and is awaiting completion of the Forest Service EA. Antero Resources recently sold these leases to Ursa Piceance LLC.

Map of the proposed Boulder Lava Ridge well pad location .
List of APDs received

Note: BLM and USFS will not address the development proposals further until a final decision is made on these leases through the EIS on Existing Oil and Gas Leases on the White River National Forest.

In August 2012 BLM received a proposal from Antero to unitize its seven leases in this area, known as the "Wolf Springs Unitization Proposal." The unitization proposal would include leases in Garfield, Mesa and Pitkin counties. BLM is reviewing this request.

BLM received a request from Ursa Piceance LLC to suspend its leases in the Thompson Divide on Feb. 19, 2013. To view that request, click here .

Additional Information

For information about the Environmental Impact Statement on previously issued oil and gas leases in the White River National Forest, click here .

History of Drilling in Thompson Divide

Map of Wells Drilled in Thompson Divide since 1947

APD Flowchart (Note: SMA means Surface Management Agency, the Forest Service in this case)

BLM Regulations regarding suspension of leases

Map of Lease Suspensions in Thompson Divide

State Director Reviews
- SDR CO-13-05, CO-14-13
- SDR CO-13-06, CO-14-12
- SDR CO-13-07, CO-14-14
- SDR CO-13-08, CO-14-15