John Reams



John Reams is currently enrolled in an aviation sciences program at Mountain States University.  He founded and manages Reams Construction Company, a general contracting firm specializing in commercial and industrial heavy construction in business for over 30 years.  He also founded and manages Tomcat Mining Corporation, an underground contract mining firm specializing in metal/non-metal extraction.  He has served on a Southwest RAC subgroup and as a volunteer fireman and EMT for 27 years.  He also acted as the president of the Fire District Board for 10 years. He serves on the Montrose County Airport Advisory Board, as president of the Western Small Miners Association, and is a member of the Montrose County Transportation Committee.

Mary Monroe Brown


Outdoor Recreation

As the Director of Trails 2000 (a non-profit that provides trail education, advocacy for connectivity, building and maintenance of trails in the Four Corners area), Mary Monroe Brown is familiar with the public lands in southwest Colorado. She has served on various roles from serving on the Trails group with the San Juan Mountains to co-chairing the Overall Start US Pro Cycling Challenge or participating in the Hermosa Wilderness plan process. Monroe Brown has also provided leadership in organizations for open space and trails program throughout the Tres Rios Field Office.  She spearheaded the Chapman Bike Park Project a new trail connectivity in Overland Mountain Park and has been instrumental in making improvements to urban open space such as improving signage, education and advocacy.  

Eric Sanford



Eric Sanford is the Operations and Land Manager for SG Interests I, Ltd., working to develop natural gas resources in Gunnison and Mesa counties.  His position provides him with a breadth of experiences, from field visits to regulator hearings and permitting.

Eric moved to Durango in 1999, where he practiced law as a criminal trial attorney and with a firm specializing in oil and gas issues.  After nine years in Durango, Eric moved to Ridgway to take a job with the oil and gas industry in Montrose.  Eric enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, and travelling.  In fact, he wishes that he could be doing one of those things right now.

Todd Bacon


OHV/Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Bacon has participated in several OHV collaborative efforts. He has been instrumental in developing off road training course for OHV drives.  He teaches the classes for beginner to experienced drives. He has organized events to bring the OHV clubs around the region together and is the primary contact for the Western Slope 4 Wheelers Club.  As an avid jeeper, he has taught 24 off-road classes, lead the Houston Jeep People club to include 667 members, organized over 50 jeeping events and works to bring jeeping groups from across the region to consensus on various issues. He has also been involved with the BLM and USFS motorized meetings to discuss concerns related to recreating in southwest Colorado. 

Dale Irby


Federal Grazing

Mr. Irby holds three grazing allotments in Gunnison County.  He has served on the Farm Service Agency Board of Directors, FFA Advisory Boards and the Gunnison County Weed Board.  He is the past president for the Cattlemen’s Days Rodeo, is the past president of the Gunnison County Stockgrowers and is the BLM liaison for the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association steering committee.  Irby is a third generation rancher who is highly involved in agricultural organizations throughout Gunnison County.  As a permittee he also has a deep understanding of federal grazing issues.  His families’ ranch has also received awards for their ranch management practices, work with the Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy and he has created a conservation easement on 456 acres of irrigated meadow along Tomichi Creek.


Laurie Brandt


Dispersed Recreation

Ms. Brandt has been on the board of Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association (COPMOBA) for 11 years and has served on the local Uncompahgre Chapter committee.  She works with public land managers to advocate and fund raise for trails appropriate for mountain bikes.  She also teaches regular mountain bike skills and bike maintenance clinics for the Montrose Recreation District. Additionally, she has served on the Montrose Area Bicycle Alliance board from 2011 to 2013 and has been on the Montrose Bicycle-Pedestrian Task Force from 2012 to present. As a mountain biker with COPMOBA, she has worked with public land managers, cyclists, motorized users, horsemen, trail runners, private land owners, and other entities to work on trail projects. She also provides professional experiences as she’s worked on projects as a geologist with land management agencies.

 Jimbo Buickerood



As the San Juan Citizens Alliance's Public Lands Coordinator, Buickerood has participated in BLM NEPA processes for planning and projects throughout Tres Rios Field Office. He also serves as a member of the U.S. Forest Service Secure Rural School Act Resource Advisory Council for the San Juan National Forest.  He is also a founding member of the San Juan Headwaters Forest Health Partnership and a Steering Committee member for the River Protection Workgroup and a member of the five local watershed workgroups (Hermosa, Animas, Los Pinos/Vallecito, Piedra, San Juan).  Additionally, he was an outfitter on BLM lands (UT, AZ, AK, CO) for both land and river activities.

Roger Casario

Crested Butte

Dispersed Recreation

Mr. Casario has been a licensed hunting and fishing outfitter with BLM, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Park Service since 1983.  He has also served on the Colorado Outfitter Association Board as the Second Vice President and Vice President. His family has been sheep ranching in Colorado since 1929, and he is the President of Bar K Ranch. In this position, he has managed the ranches’ oil and gas leases. Cesario has lived on the Western Slope for 30 years, and has enjoyed hunting and fishing personally and professionally throughout his lifetime. 

Tif Rodriquez


Wild Horses and Burros

Tif Rodriguez is a current member and the past president of the Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen.  She has spent countless volunteer hours working with the Tres Rios Field Office with projects including trail clearing, trail maintenance, travel management, youth projects and Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area maintenance, sustainability and management. She works to keep public lands open to historical pack and saddle stock use as well as maintaining a viable wild horse herd in the area.  Rodriguez volunteered to work with the BLM staff during the last Spring Creek Basin Wild Horse gather in 2011.  She worked with a variety of groups to advocate on behalf of the BLM and the wild horses. She has been active in the Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen since 2005 when she moved to the area.  She is the current secretary of the Back Country Horsemen of Colorado, and a board member of the National Mustang Association, Colorado Chapter.

James Dietrich


 Dispersed Recreation

Mr. Dietrich coordinates the Rangeland Stewardship Committee and Public Lands Coordination Commission for Montezuma County.  His duties include consulting and supporting the Montezuma County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.  He represents Montezuma County on the Lower Dolores River Management Plan Working Group and has coordinated public stakeholder groups for planning efforts in the county including community wildfire protection planning and county zoning.   Over the course of his 22 year career with the Office of Community Services, he has regularly worked with federal agencies, state agencies, steering committees, advisory groups, town boards, boards of county commissioners, fair boards, tribal councils, museum boards, and department of transportations in four states. He’s worked with the BLM to develop maps and site designs for ATV and OHV vehicles on the Alpine Loop. He also has worked with the Tribes on recreational site designs and facility improvements.

As an in-house landscape architect, Dietrich has worked in a beautification and rehabilitation projects for community and county trail systems, streetscape beautification and development projects, historic interpretation, community parks and recreational facilities.  He has helped with recreation site design, historic preservation projects and interpretative programming. He is also an avid recreationalist who enjoys boating, bicycling, hiking, camping, motorcycle touring, trail riding, hunting, fishing and skiing.


Philip Chamberland

Crested Butte

Elected Official

Mr. Chamberland has worked on gas regulation, trails, rural transportation and sage grouse issues as a county commissioner.  He currently owns Gunnison Valley Construction and Excavation Company.  Chamberland has or currently serves on the following boards Colorado State Parks Trails Committee, Gunnison Basin Sage-Grouse Strategic Committee, Gunnison County Planning Commission, Western State College Presidents Advisory Council, Mountaineer Athletic Association, Gunnison County Rural Transportation Authority, Crested Butte Rotary, Colorado Snowmobile Association, Gunnison County Snow Trackers Snowmobile Club and the church board of directors.  Chamberland has lived in the area for 18 years, and he is currently serving as a Gunnison County Commissioner.  He is familiar with BLM lands and management through his work with the Colorado State Trails Commission and State Parks.

Mark Roeber


Elected Official 

Mark Roeber is a Delta County Commissioner who has served as the Colorado and National Cattlemen’s Federal Lands Chairman, the ad-hoc planning group for Delta County, the Colorado Resource Monitoring Initiative Stakeholders Group and board of director for the Partners Western Conservation Board. As a grazing permittee holder, he has a firm understanding of resource management on public lands. Mark has also worked with a variety of environmental groups to find common ground in land management decisions. He works with local communities to provide insight into mineral leasing through the local collaborative working group, and developed an allotment management plan with The Conservation Center for the West Elk Livestock Association.   

Renzo DelPiccolo


State Employee 

Renzo DelPiccolo has a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from Colorado State University.  He is an area wildlife manager in Montrose for the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW).  He has extensive post-graduate training in range management, forest management, wildlife management, law enforcement, botany, and education of students and educators.  He is serving as the Department of Natural Resources cooperating agency representative for the Uncompahgre Field Office Resource Management Plan.  He is the southwest representative on the Colorado Wolverine Reintroduction committee.  He is working with energy companies and the BLM on mitigation measures and stipulations, and is working with the BLM and Ute Water Company on a multi-organization trade and transfer-of-use for the Jerry Creek Reservoirs and the Mogensen Fishing Area.  He is negotiating game damage claims with a variety of landowners and livestock operators.  His background includes extensive involvement with Law Enforcement training, investigations, and operations.

Bill Gleason


Public at Large

Mr. Gleason is a volunteer at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and served as a member of the city’s Uncompahgre River corridor planning committee.  He also serves as the public-at-large member of the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest Resource Advisory Council. This RAC reviews proposals for conservation projects funded by the Secure Rural Schools Act. His resource management background enables him to understand complex management scenarios.  He was a member of the park superintendent’s management team and worked cooperatively with division chiefs to further annual park planning and operation goals. As a retiree, he remains active in public land initiatives as a volunteer.

Ernie Williams

 Dove Creek

Elected Official

Mr. Williams has served as a Dolores County Commissioner since 2004.  In this capacity, he has served as the Co-Vice Chair of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Transportation Planning Regions, the U.S. Forest Service’s RAC for dispensing funds, the Legislative Group for the Lower Dolores River and has worked on the U.S. Forest Service Travel Management Plan for Bloggy Glade. Mr. Williams has knowledge in agriculture, mining and water issues.  In addition to Mr. Williams’s experiences as an elected official, he also operates a small family farm.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and riding in remote places throughout the southwest Colorado.  

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