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Cultural Links
The Colorado BLM cultural resources program is diverse and encompasses prehistoric sites dating from 12,000+ years ago. There are more than 50,000 recorded prehistoric sites on Colorado's public lands. In addition, there are numerous nationally significant historic sites that represent mining, transportation, and western settlement. Colorado has six Adventures in the Past sites/tours available to the public. This webpage serves as a portal to BLM Colorado’s cultural resources.

Visit with Respect – BLM Video about respecting cultural resources, hosted on YouTube. Please watch this video before you visit any cultural sites.

Heritage Education – BLM’s Learning Landscapes

Plan Your Adventure – This page features “Adventures in the Past,” where you can take  virtual trips to explore some of Colorado’s best cultural resources. Visit this page before your next road trip through Colorado to learn about educational opportunities along your route.

Adventures in the Past Heritage Education – This national BLM page is an excellent jumping off point for learning about the wonderful cultural resources on your public lands.

Colorado Cultural Scientific Research – Learn about current and past research on your public lands.

National Cultural Scientific Research – This page features the BLM’s research efforts across the nation.

Anasazi Heritage Center - The Anasazi Heritage Center (AHC), near the town of Dolores, houses several million artifacts, and includes exhibit areas and a laboratory. The AHC is the center of the BLM's Heritage Education Project, which is designed to provide information about the value of our culture.
·          Teacher Resources
·          Escalante Pueblo
·          Dominguez Pueblo
·          Lowry Pueblo
·          Artifact Gallery

Canyons of the Ancient National Monument
Photo Gallery – Features Archaeological sites, artifacts, and scenery
·          Visitor Information

McInnis Canyon National Conservation Area’s Archeological Themed Learning Visit suggests an itinerary for a cultural resource-themed visit to this beautiful location.

The Uncompahgre Field Office has a wonderful page featuring some of their cultural resources that you can find here .

The White River Field Office also highlights their cultural resources here .

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