Colorado Wild Horse Inmate Program

About the program. . .Wild Horses at WHIP

Cañon City houses BLM’s largest wild horse and burro holding facility, and is one of five facilities in the nation with a Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP).

The WHIP is a cooperative agreement between BLM and the Colorado Department of Corrections, in which select wild horses and burros receive personal and extensive training as part of an inmate rehabilitative program. 

In addition to providing training services, inmates feed and care for all other wild horses and burros at the facility.

BurroThe WHIP program offers trained horses to people who may not have the experience, time, or the facilities to train an animal on their own. The WHIP program was formed in 1986 and was the first of its kind. The facility takes in horses from throughout the country and can hold up to 3,000 wild horses and burros.

The inmates also benefit by learning meaningful and marketable work experience they can use when they are released. On average seven to 10 horses are trained every month and are ready to be adopted.

This facility hosts two adoptions a month; however, adopters must make an appointment in advance. Please contact 719-269-8500 to make an appointment.

For information about the Cañon City WHIP visit the Colorado Department of Corrections page at

View of WHIP facility


Wild Horse

Training at WHIP