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Inspection and Enforcement

(Note: Most of the policies below are internal to BLM and will not be available on the internet)

CSO issue date

CSO instruction number
WO issue date
WO instruct number
Additional Guidance
05/15/2008email05/01/20072007-118Enforcement policy and procedures replaces WO IM 2000-189
11/26/2007email08/09/20072007-168Requests for OGORs from MMS 
07/23/2007email  Forms for drilling, production and reclamation enviromental inspectionsreplaces WO IM 93-237, Change 1 (CO IM 93-109, Change 1)
10/25/2007email10/10/20072008-012FY 2007 I&E Matrix Instructions and Strategy Goalsreplaces WO IM 2007-019
11/21/2006email10/13/20062007-019FY 2007 I&E Matrix Instructions and Strategy Goalsreplaces WO IM 2006-033
8/29/2006 DRAFT2006-xxxEnforcement Policy and procedures - DRAFTuse in place of  WO IM 2000-189
  03/14/20062006-116I&E documentationreplaces WO IM 2001-127
  01/05/20052006-061Reporting of Undesireable EventsAdditional instructions for NTL-03
09/27/2005email11/02/20052006-033FY 2006 I&E matrix Instructions and Strategy Goalsreplaces WO IM 2005-001
 manual10/05/2005H-1360-6Certification handbookreplaces WO IM 87-173
10/06/2004email10/04/20042005-001FY 2005 I&E Matrix Instructions and Strategy Goalsreplaces WO IM 2004-090
11/21/2003email01/23/20042004-090FY 2004 I&E matrix Instructions and strategy goalsreplaces WO IM 2001-192
  04/28/2003 AFMSS Users Manual (Version 3.2) Draft(WO IM 2001-127)
09/12/2002email10/28/2002 2003-031FY 2003 I&E matrix instructions and strategy goalsreplaces WO IM 2001-192



2003-0052003-005H2S Protection Policy for Oil and Gas Inspectors 
08/08/2001email08/02/20012001-192FY 2002 I&E matrix instructions and strategy goalsreplaces WO IM 2000-191
04/27/2001email04/16/20012001-127Inspection Documentation Policyreplaces draft sent 11/01/00
09/22/2000email09/20/20002000-191FY2001 I&E matrix instructions 
09/21/2000email09/08/20002000-189oil and gas program I&E compliance procedures replaced by WO IM 2000-118
05/24/20002000-28  enforcement action on spills 
10/28/1999email05/08/199898-107oil and gas I&E documentation 
10/26/199899-005  H2S protection 
03/10/1998email  further clarification of 93-109, change 1 
08/15/199797-05806/24/199797-145FY 1998 oil and gas I&E strategy 
12/13/1996email  recent IBLA decisions - some reminders and points of interest  
05/25/199592-119, Change 3  oil and gas meter inspection policy 
08/12/199493-109, Change 107/28/199493-237, Change 1Requests for Amended reports from MMS3/10/98 email
05/26/199494-111  oil and gas INC issuance: By whom and how 
01/12/199393-050   policy concerning SDRs and other I&E issues 
08/13/199292-185  beneficial use issue - clarification of existing policy90-474 (co im 90-281)
01/30/199292-74  oil and gas I&E policy on
abandonment's and plug backs
 (w/o approvals)
05/28/199191-188  enforcement of oily waste cleanup on oil and gas locations 
06/22/199090-28105/11/199090-474the bureau's oil and gas production accounting responsibilities92-185 (8/13/92)
05/26/198989-321  procedures for shutting in a wellwo im 2000-189
01/14/198888-141  initiation of civil penalties under FOGRMAwo im 2000-189
04/29/198787-123, Change 112/16/198687-173national certification program for oil and gas I&E personnel 
  07/21/198787-606revised Inspector Identification Cards