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White River RMP Amendment Available (8/22/12)

White River Comment Period Extended & Public Open House (11/20/12)

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RMP Amendment vs Revision
Sage Grouse
Special Status Plants
Air Quality

Presentation Materials from the Public Open House Meetings

The BLM held public open house meetings in Meeker (9/24/12), Rangely (9/25/12), Silt (9/26/12), and Grand Junction (9/27/12). We are providing copies of the PowerPoint presentation given at the meetings as well as links to view posters. Please note that files for the posters are intended for viewing and not printing (since they were sized to print large posters and not handouts).


·        Public Open House Meeting Presentation

·         WRFO Overview Planning Area Map Poster

·         Schedule & Planning Process Poster

·         How to Comment Poster

·         Cooperating Agencies Poster

·         Alternatives and Assumptions for Analysis Poster

·        Air Quality Poster

·         Socioeconomic Poster

·         Rights-of-Way Avoidance and Exclusion Areas Poster

·         Potential Non-Recoverable Mineral Resources Poster

·         Big Game Timing Limitation Thresholds Poster

·         Greater Sage-Grouse Habitats & Populations Poster

·         Data Management System (DMS) Poster

·         Special Status Plants Poster

·         Cultural and Recreation Management Emphasis Areas Poster

·        Fisheries, Fragile Watersheds, and Impaired Waters (Map 3-3) Poster

·         Major Perennial Streams and Watersheds (Map 3-1) Poster

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