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Oil and Gas Development Draft RMPA/EIS

The Oil and Gas Development Draft RMPA/EIS is now available for public review and comment (please see the links to files below). If you are unfamiliar with oil and gas operations, a general overview is provided in Appendix H. There are also fact sheets at the bottom of the page that provide summary information for specific topics.

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Be sure to visit the links listed on the right-hand side of the page for supporting documents, contact information, how to get involved, or general information on BLM's land use planning process and the schedule for this particular planning effort.

Please note comments on the Draft RMPA/EIS are due by January 28, 2013!

  Oil and Gas Development Draft RMPA/EIS

·       Dear Reader Letter

·       Abstract

·       Title Page

·       Master Table of Contents

·       Executive Summary

·       Chapter 1 – Purpose & Need for Action

·       Chapter 1 Maps

·       Chapter 2 – Alternatives

·       Chapter 2 Maps

·       Chapter 3 – Affected Environment

·       Chapter 3 Maps

·       Chapter 4 – Environmental Consequences

·       Chapter 5 – Consultation & Coordination

·       Chapter 6 – Acronyms, Glossary & References

·       Appendix A – Oil & Gas Leasing Stipulations and Lease Notices

·       Appendix B – Best Management Practices & Conditions of Approval

·       Appendix C – Hazardous Materials Management Plan

·       Appendix D – Surface Reclamation Plan

·       Appendix E – Threshold & Temporal Analysis

·       Appendix F – Air Quality Impacts

·       Appendix G – Social & Economic Analysis Technical Report

·       Appendix H – Oil & Gas Operations in the White River Field Office

·       Appendix I – Master Leasing Plans

·       Appendix J – Air Resources Management Plan

Air Resources Technical Support Document

Extensive modeling and analysis was conducted to determine potential impacts to air quality associated with oil and gas development. Summaries of these results and methods are presented in the Draft RMPA/EIS. However, detailed technical information is also available for public review in the Air Resources Technical Support Document (ARTSD). 

Fact Sheets 

·         Overview Fact Sheet

·         Amendment versus Revision Fact Sheet

·         Alternatives Fact Sheet

·         Greater Sage-Grouse Fact Sheet

·         Wildlife Fact Sheet 

·         Special Status Plants Fact Sheet 

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