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Maps/GIS Data

Roan Plateau Maps

Roan Plateau Travel Guide & Map (Current)

Maps from the 2013 Scoping meetings are located here.

Final RMP/EIS Maps

PDFs of Maps 1-29 may be downloaded from the Final RMP/EIS page. To request GIS files for these maps, please call 970-876-9000.

GIS Files for the Glenwood Springs Field Office Record of Decesion for the Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment and EIS (June 2007/March 2008)

Map DocumentStipulation/Legend ItemResource ProtectedShapefile
GS-NSO-ROAN-21No Surface OccupencyAnvil Points Claystone CaveDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-22No Surface OccupencySteep Slopes (Greater than 50%)Download Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-23No Surface OccupencyRiparian & Wetland HabitatDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-24No Surface OccupencyThreatened, Endangered or Candidate Species HabitatDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-25No Surface OccupencyRaptor Nest SitesDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-26No Surface OccupencyBald Eagle Nest, Winter Roost Sites, and Winter RangeDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-27No Surface OccupencyWildelife Security Areas (Below the Rim)Download Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-28No Surface OccupencyHigh-Value Special Status Fish Species HabitatDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-29No Surface OccupencyColorado river CorridorDownload Zip File
GS-NSO-ROAN-30No Surface OccupencyI-70 ViewshedDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-04Controlled Surface UseErosive Soils (On Slopes > 30%)Download Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-07Controlled Surface UseRiparian and Wetland HabitatDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-08Controlled Surface UsePeregrine Falcon Cliff-Nesting ComplexDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-09Controlled Surface UseWildelife Security Areas (Atop the Plateau)Download Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-10Controlled Surface UseBig Game Migration CorridorsDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-11Controlled Surface UseSensitive Bat Species HabitatDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-12Controlled Surface UseHabitat for Special Status Plant Species Populations and Significant Plant CommunitiesDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-13Controlled Surface UseParachute Creek High Value Watershed and Watershed Management AreaDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-14Controlled Surface UseVisual Resource Management Class II (Below the Rim)Download Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-15Controlled Surface UseVisual resource Management Class III (Atop the Plateau)Download Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-16Controlled Surface UseHubbard Mesa Off-Highway-Vehicle Riding areaDownload Zip File
GS-CSU-ROAN-18Controlled Surface UseSharrard Park Paleontological ResourcesDownload Zip File
GS-TL-ROAN-13Timing LimitationBig Game Winter RangeDownload Zip File
GS-TL-ROAN-14Timing LimitationRaptor Nests SitesDownload Zip File
GS-TL-ROAN-15Timing LimitationBald Eagle Nesting And/Or Winter Roost SitesDownload Zip File
GS-TL-ROAN-16Timing LimitationPeregrine Falcon Cliff-Nesting ComplexDownload Zip File
GS-TL-ROAN-17Timing LimitationWaterfowl and Shorebird Nesting AreasDownload Zip File
Map1 (June 2007)Planning Area BoundryPlanning Area BoundryDownload Zip File
Map4 (June 2007)Oil & Gass Phased Development AreasOil & Gass Phased Development AreasDownload Zip File
Map5 (June 2007)VRM ClassificationVisual Resource ManagementDownload Zip File
Map6 (June 2007)Transportation SystemRoutesDownload Zip File
Map6 (June 2007)Hubbard Mesa Travel Management AreaHubbard Mesa Travel Management AreaDownload Zip File
Map7 (June 2007)Fire Management ZonesFire Management ZonesDownload Zip File
Map8 (June 2007)Wild & Scenic River CategoriesWild & Scenic River SegmentsDownload Zip File
Map2 (March 2008)Decision Area ACECAreas of Critical Environmental ConcernDownload Zip File
Map3 (March 2008)No Surface OccupancyVisual Resource Management Class I (Atop the Plateau)Download Zip File