Roan Plateau Supplemental EIS

On January 25, 2013, BLM announced it would begin a supplemental environmental impact statement for the Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment to address concerns raised in the June 2012 District Court decision.

This announcement initiated a public scoping period in which the public had the opportunity to identify issues and comment on the planning criteria that will be used. This scoping period ran through March 30, 2013. BLM received close to 24,000 comment submissions. A summary of those comments is found in the Roan Plateau SEIS Scoping Report

We are currently reviewing those comments and beginning the process of developing alternatives. The next opportunity for public involvement will occur when the draft SEIS is released for review in 2015.

The following links may be useful to understanding the SEIS background. (The links in the box to the right are related to the Record of Decsion and Final EIS from the initial Roan Plateau planning effort that was challenged in court.)

Federal Register Notice initiating scoping
Roan Plateau History Timeline
News Release
Planning Criteria 
Transfer Act
Roan Plateau Facts and Figures
Reasonable Foreseeable Development
Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report
Wild and Scenic River Suitability Report

Maps from the scoping meetings held in February

Roan Plateau Planning Area     ACECs     Grazing Allotments

Big Game Habitat     Existing O&G Leases     Existing Stipulations

Lands with Wilderness Characteristics     Special Status Species

Travel Management     Visual Resource Management

Wild and Scenic River Eligibility