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Colorado River Valley FO PRMP/FEIS

The BLM Colorado River Valley Field Office Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement is now available for review.  Please see below for the downloadable documents.  You may also contact the Colorado River Valley Field Office at 970-876-9000 for a DVD.

Protests may be filed through May 5, 2014.

For Protest procedures CLICK HERE

Implementation decisions in the PRMP such as travel management designations may be appealed once the Record of Decision is signed. For more information, click here

CRVFO RMP Newsletter March 2014

Colorado River Valley Field Office PRMP/FEIS

Volume I
     Dear Reader Letter
     Executive Summary
     Table of Contents / Acronyms
     Chapter 1 - Introduction
     Chapter 2 - Alternatives
     Chapter 3_Affected Environment
     Chapter 5_Coordination
     Chapter 6_References
     Chapter 7_Glossary

Volume II
     Chapter 4_Environmental_Consequences

Volume III
     Volume III - Appendix A - Maps
     Appendix A.1. – Table of Contents and Chapter 1 Maps
     Appendix A.2. - Base Resource and Resource Use Information Maps
     Appendix A.3. - Resource and Resource Use Maps

A.3 Index
A.3 Alternative A
A.3 Alternatives B, C, and D

     Appendix A.4. – Maps of Stipulations by Alternative

A.4 Index 
A.4 Alternative A and B 
A.4 Alternative C and D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

     Key to Travel Management Zones  
     Appendix A.5. - Travel Designations by Alternative and Zone

A.5-Alternative A Travel Designations
A.5-Alternative B Travel Designations
A.5-Alternative C Travel Designations
A.5-Alternative D Travel Designations 

Other Appendices
     Appendix B- Stipulations for Fluid Minerals Development, Surface-Disturbing Activities, Surface Use and Occupancy
     Appendix C – Final Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Report

Appendix C-Cover and TOC
Appendix C-Executive Summary
Appendix C-Readers Guide
Appendix C-Chapter 1
Appendix C-Chapter 2
Appendix C-Chapter 3
Appendix C-Chapter 4
Appendix C-Chapter 5
Appendix C-Chapter 6
Appendix C-Chapter 7
Appendix C-Chapter 8
Appendix C-Chapter 9
Appendix C-Chapter 10
Appendix C-Chapter 11
Appendix C-Appendices 

     Appendix D - Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Assessment for the CRVFO
     Appendix E - Evaluation of   Proposed Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
     Appendix F – Prescriptions for Lands Managed for the Protection of Wilderness Characteristics
     Appendix G – Best Management Practices and Conservation Measures
     Appendix H – Management and Setting Prescriptions for caves
     Appendix I – Livestock Grazing Allotments
     Appendix J –  BLM Standards for Public Land Health and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management in Colorado
     Appendix K -  Recreation and Visitor Services Management Framework for SRMAs and ERMAs
     Appendix  L – Comprehensive Air Resources Protection Protocol
     Appendix M – Noxious and Invasive Weed Lists
     Appendix N – System Roads and maintenance Levels
     Appendix O – Travel Management
     Appendix P -  Oil and Gas Operations
     Appendix Q –Upper Colorado River Wild and Scenic Stakeholder Group Management Plan
     Appendix R – Reasonable Foreseeable Development: Oil and Gas in the Glenwood Springs Field Office
     Administrative Boundary Area

     Appendix S – Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
     Appendix T – Changes from Draft RMP/Draft EIS
     Appendix U –  Biological Assessment and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Consultation Documents
     Appendix V - DEIS: Public Comments and BLM Responses

     White River National Forest Draft Record of Decision for Wild and Scenic River Suitability