Prescribed Burn Schedule

A thriving productive habitat for all wildlife is the most important factor to sustain their productivity. Long term fire management which includes prescribed fire projects, is required to maintain healthy ecosystems. Managing fire, the land, and habitat is a complex effort. No single agency or group is able to fully implement all the necessary work to maintain and restore healthy habitat. It takes many people, organizations and agencies working cooperatively to do the job.

Benefits of prescribed fire are: creating diversity in in plant and trees needed by wildlife; reducing hazardous fuel build-up that contribute to large, intense wildfires; preparing land for new growth; helping certain plants and trees germinate; and naturally thinning overcrowded forests and rangelands.

All prescribed burn projects are implemented under specific fuel (vegetation) and weather conditions to provide for firefighter and public safety and successfully meet the objectives of the project. 

Weather forecasts are only valid for several days for prescribed burning purposes, so general time frames are used for this summary as actual dates and times for conducting the prescribed fires are dependent upon the weather conditions.

For a short term inconvenience, hunters are provided a long term return for enhancement to big game herds.


2014 Prescribed Burn Schedule