Interagency Coordination

Fire workFire management in Colorado is an interagency partnership among federal, state and local entities across the nation. 

A catalog of current federal, state, and private foundation funding sources can be found here:  This catalog offers information for communities, fire departments, and counties on financial and technical assistance to support fire and wildland health projects.

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Challenges and risks associated with wildland fire management are increasing both in complexity and extent. As people move in or adjacent to wildlands, fire managers are faced with the challenging task of protecting lives and property while ensuring firefighter safety and doing what is best for the land. The wildland urban interface, or WUI, is defined as areas where structures or other industrial/residential developments meet or intermingle with undeveloped wild areas, and may be susceptible to forest or rangeland fires.

The BLM continues to work with its interagency partners to organize and train regional fire prevention teams to respond rapidly to WUI fires in order to prepare residents, and to minimize the loss and distress associated with WUI fires. The BLM also works with other federal, state, and local land management agencies, including the Western Governors Association , the National Association of State Foresters , and many others to identify communities across the country that face wildfire risks.

Community Partnerships and Education

BLM Colorado has worked closely with numerous groups and institutions throughout the state to produce various educational products such as videos, brochures and a range of workshops and informational meetings regarding wildland fire.  These products highlight existing and proposed activities that focus on mitigating wildfire risks to individual homeowners, businesses and communities. 

Through the on-going work of the BLM’s Fire Mitigation and Educations Specialists, each fire management unit in Colorado creates and fosters excellent working relationships with local government officials, as well as their associated fire and law enforcement officials.  These local programs are customized to fit the unique and diverse communities that abound within Colorado.