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East Fork Parachute Creek ACEC

East Fork Parachute Creek

East Fork Parachute Creek ACEC


Location:    Northwest District, Colorado River Valley Field Office

Size:    6,571 acres

Designated:   2008 Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Record of Decision

Land Manager:    Bureau of Land Management, Colorado River Valley Field Office 

East Fork Parachute Creek is a small, but biologically significant tributary to the Colorado River.  East Fork Parachute Creek originates near the eastern rim of the Roan Plateau and flows westward, cutting through the Green River shale formation to form a deep canyon before plunging over a 200-foot high waterfall into a scenic box canyon.  Dramatic visual contrast is created by the steep white cliffs towering over the narrow, V-shaped canyon of dark timber and low-growing shrubs. East Fork Parachute Creek contains excellent fish habitat and a "core conservation population" of  Colorado River cutthroat trout.  Seeps along the creek create a unique "hanging garden" environment that supports the rare Hanging Garden Sullivantia (Sullivantia hapemanii var. purpusii).  Although most of East Fork Parachute Creek is a willow-dominated community, just above and below the falls are two forested, significant plant communities.  A Colorado Blue Spruce/Red Osier Dogwood community that is found in only a handful of riparian areas in Colorado is located above the falls.  A low-elevation community of Boxelder-Narrowleaf Cottonwood and Red Osier Dogwood in excellent condition is located below the falls.  This community is considered rare on a statewide and global scale.

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