Kremmling Field Office NEPA Document Library

Last Edited: March 6, 2014.  This library is updated approximately every two weeks.

For information regarding the Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sales, please see the KFO Oil and Gas Leasing Information Web Page

Information regarding specific NEPA documents and their numbers can be found on the Kremmling Field Office's NEPA Log pages.

Please click on any link below to download the NEPA document.  All documents are in AdobePDF format.

This NEPA Library is organized by Fiscal Years (FY). The BLM FY begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following calendar year.

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Actions Currently Under Public Scoping:

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 Prior to FY2007

Click here for NEPA Logs Prior to FY2007

To obtain copies of NEPA documents written prior to Fiscal Year 2007, please contact the NEPA coordinator, Susan Cassel, at 970-724-3002 or e-mail us at