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Grand Junction Field Office NEPA Register


(Updated 4/8/14)
If you have questions or comments regarding a project, please contact the Project Lead (below)
Before including your address, phone number, email address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, be advised that your entire comment -- including your personal identifying information -- may b made publicly available at any time. while you can ask us in your comment to withhold from public review your personal identifying information, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Completed NEPA Documents

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NEPA NumberProject NameProject LeaderApplicant/               Document preparerLocationStatus

Realty: WEPIIErin Jones      970-244-3008EnterpriseDouglas Pass, CODecision Signed
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2013-0031-EARange: Chevron Permit Renewal EA

Jacob Martin

 BLM De Beque, CODecsions Signed 11/7/13
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0006-DNAMinerals: Black Hills Exploratory Proposal - Amended COAs (pads HDU 9-41, HDU 9-11)Julia Christiansen 970-244-3093Black Hills De Beque, COConclusion Signed 11/26/13
DOI-BLM-CO-160-2013-0001-EAWildlife: Rangewide Bighorn Sheep StudyNikki Grant-Hoffman          970-244-3020; Heidi Plank     970-244-3012Colorado Parks and Wildlife and BLMDENCA, GJFO, and MCNCA

Decision Signed 12/6/13

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2013-0027-EAWildlife: Wildlife Water Catchments Heidi Plank     970-244-3012Colorado Parks and Wildlife and BLMGJFO, MCNCADecision Signed 2/6/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0016-DNAFuels: Glade Park Fuels Treatment

Jeff Phillips

BLMGlade Park, COConclusion Signed 3/13/14
DOI-BLM-CO-134-2013-0006-CXRecreation: Teacher TrailShane Dittlinger    970-244-3040BLMMCNCADecision Signed 4/1/14

Under Staff Review

NEPA NumberProject NameProject LeaderApplicant/               Document preparerLocationStatus
CO-130-2012-0014-EARecreation: Bangs Motorized Trail Development (Area 5)Chris Pipkin     970-244-3024Responsible Recreation Foundation/BLMBangs CanyonAddressing public comments on draft EA
CO-130-2012-0010-EAO&G: Horseshoe Cyn buried water/gas pipelines from well HSC #1 to existing pipelines on private landJulia Christiansen     970-244-3093      Black Hills Exploration & Production/ EdgeT9S R97W, Secs 21, 28, 29; Horse Cyn Rd to Horseshoe Canyon UnitDocument review/preparation
CON-2012-0004-EISRealty: TransWest Express Transmission LineErin Jones      970-244-3008Rocky Mountain Power/AECOMI-70Document review/preparation
CO-130-2012-0003-EAO&G: Whitewater Unit Master Development Plan
Julia Christiansen
Fram Americas Operating, LLC/EdgeWhitewater/ Grand Mesa SlopesPreliminary EA available for public comment 6/28-7/31
CO-130-2013-0020-EARealty: Airport Conveyance and RMP AmendmentRobin Lacy
970-244 3028  Christina Stark   970-244-3027
Grand Junction Regional Airport / FAA / Mead & Hunt Inc.Ute PM,      T1N R1E secs 19, 30;  T1N R1W secs 23, 24.Document review/preparation
BLM/CO/PL-12/004RMP:  GJFO Draft RMP/EISChristina Stark                  970-244-3027GJFOGJFODeveloping Proposed RMP
CO-130-2013-0033-EARange: Permit Renewal for TippingJim Dollerschell 970-244-3016Ronald TippingGlade ParkDocument  Review
CO-134-2013-0005-EARecreation: MCNCA Programmatic SRP EAShane Dittlinger       970-244-3029BLM PermiteesMCNCADocument Review
CO-130-2013-0016-EARealty:           Grand Valley Power Distribution Line

Wayne Werkmeister 970-244-3037

Grand Valley PowerBaxter Pass/4 RoadDocument Review
CO-130-2013-0042-EARecreation: Tabeguache Trail - Hwy 141 connector trailChris Pipkin 970-244-3024BLM1.4 miles southwest of Whitewater on Hwy 141Document Review
Realty: SBA Communications & Sunlight/Clay Road ROWChristina Stark 970-244-3027SBA Communications and Donald ClayUte PM, T. 2 S., R. 1 W., sec. 6Document Review

Internal Scoping and/or Pending Additional Project Information

NEPA Number Project Name Project Leader Applicant/                Document preparer Location Status
CO-130-2012-0005-EA O&G : Genesis: The Breaks 5 Wells Wayne Werkmeister   970-244-3037
Genesis Gas and Oil  /BioLogic Mesa, CO Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2012-052-EA Realty Mesa Life Road ROW Wayne Werkmeister   970-244-3037Mesa Life LLC - Gary Widner Mesa, CO Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-005-EIS Minerals: Book Cliffs Lease By Application Jennifer Maiolo  970-826-5002 CAM-Colorado, LLC Book Cliffs Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-134-2013-001-DNA MCNCA: Horsethief Bottom Tamarisk Removal Nikki Grant-Hoffman 244 3020; Troy Schnurr 244 3032 MCNCA Horsethief Bottom Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-010-EA Realty:  Hawxhurst Ranch, O&G Access Road and Associated Pipelines Wayne Werkmeister   970-244-3037Piceance Energy, LLC Collbran/Buzzard Creek area Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-015-EA Fuels: Whitewater Creek MX Jeff Phillips       970-244-3040 BLM Nine miles east of Whitewater, two miles north of Land's End Rd. Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-0029-EA Realty: Alanco Energy Services Road and Power ROW Christina Stark 970-244-3027 Alanco Energy Service, Inc. GJFO Internal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-0030-EA Realty: Black Hills Plaeau Production, LLC Produced Water Pipeline + 1 NG line and a second waterlineWayne Werkmeister  970-244-3037Black Hills ProductionNW of De Beque near Roan CreekInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-0035-CX-390(3) O&G :  2 Book Cliff wells, on 2 existing pads to be expandedJulia Christiansen      970-244-3093Endeavour Corp.T8S R101W, Sec 13, SESW           T8S R100W, Sec 31, NWNEInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-0040 Minerals : CDOT Burnt Shale Pit ExpansionScott Gerwe 970-244-3077CDOTHighway 139 North of LomaInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2013-0041-EA Recreation : North Desert Shooting Range fenceChris Pipkin 970-244-3024BLM27 1/4 Road Rifle RangeInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0005-CX Paleo : DJ Dino DigScott Gerwe 970-244-3077Dinosaour Journey/ FosterNear Hunter CanyonOn Hold per Applicant's Request
CO-130-2014-0004-EA O&G : APD for Encana well CRU DHS7B-2-P26-799

Julia Christiansen

Encana6th PM, T7S R99W, Sec 26,  SESE; Cow Ridge, NW De Beque, COInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0009-EA Riparian : Indian Creek Restoration ProjectChristina Stark 970-244-3027BLMIndian Creek/Whitewater, COInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0011-CXRecreation: Three Sisters - BLM trail connectionsChris Pipkin 970-244-3024COPMOBA-Mesa Land Trust/BLMBangs Canyon SRMAInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0003-EA O&G : APD for Encana well 5-16H PM29SE

Julia Christiansen

Encana6th PM, T9S, R96W, sec. 29,  SESE; 6 miles N of Mesa, COInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0002-EA O&G : APD for OXY well Shell 797-HN1 on exiting pad/road

Julia Christiansen

OXY6th PM, T7S, R97W, sec. 9, Tract 97, NENW     9 miles N of De Beque, COInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0012-CXRecreation: Epic Mt Bike Race Aug 29,30,31 2014Alex Reeves 970-244-3053Epic RidesBangs CanyonInternal Scoping/Document Preparation

GM Jeep Club, Rock Junction June 4,5,6 2014

Alex Reeves  970-244-3053GM Jeep ClubDistrict wideInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
New multi-well pad, 4 horiz wells
Julia Christiansen
Endeavour Corp/ BLMCoal Gulch/Edge Loop Rd;        SENE S23, T8S, R101W, 6th PMInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0015-EAFuels: Whitewater Creek MXJeff Phillips  970-244-3040BLMWhitewater CreekInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
Black Hills pipeline off-unit

Wayne Werkmeister

Black Hills ProductionDe Beque - Dry ForkInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0018-EARealty: Clifton Water Pipeline Replacement and UpgradeRobin Lacy 970-244-3028Clifton Water DistrictWhitewater, CO 32 Road & HWY 50 IntersectionInternal Scoping/Document Preparation
CO-130-2014-0020-EAO&G: New well and pad, Fed. 5-D-11-7-98Julia Christiansen
Dejour Energy6th PM, T7S, R98W, sec. 11; De Beque/Roan CreekInternal Scoping/Document Preparation