Volunteer Accomplishments

Volunteers like you play a key role in BLM. Not only do you help us care for our natural and cultural resouces, but you also gain a clearer perspective on the many challenges facing our public lands.

You represent BLM to the community and the community to BLM. The hours you spent in service to the public lands "Make a difference!" Thank you for your support! 

Fiscal Year 2015 Volunteer Hours
BLM California

Number of Volunteers*
Volunteer Hours Contributed*


Total Value**


* Includes Volunteers who receive no compensation and Hosted/donated workers who are provided at no direct cost to BLM but receive some form of payment for their work from another organization
**Based on the value of volunteer time defined by independentsector.org

Volunteers gather seeds from a plant into buckets
Volunteers harvest California buckwheat seed for a restoration effort.

Volunteers trim back brush from a trail
Volunteers perform trail work.

Scouts and supporters plant seedlings at Scouting for Trees Project
News.bytes Extra, issue 473

A man and a boy plant a tree.