Geographic Information Systems Three-letter Codes for BLM GIS Data

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DOMAIN: basic
Description: single-theme-based information

Description: archeological data 

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arsarcheological surveyarcheological survey transects and locations
harhistoric arc sitehistoric archeological site data
palpaleontological locpaleontological locations
parprehistoric arc siteprehistoric archeological site data
paspaleontological survpaleontological survey location


CATEGORY: communications
Description: communications information such as radio sites, cell phonecoverage areas, etc

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cmscommunications sitecomm sites such as repeater, base station, remote base station, tower, etc


Description: all dem data

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demdem gridall dem (digital elevation model) grids
latlattices createdlattices created from dem functions in AI from dem


CATEGORY: designated_boundary
Description: jurisdictional boundary based on policy decision 

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accacecarea of critical environmental concern
asbassembly districtCalifornia assembly district boundary
blmBLMBLM units - i.e. BLM field offices
cdfCA dept of for ruCA Dept. of Forestry ranger units 
cencensus tractU.S. Bureau of Census tract information
cgscongressional discongressional districts
citcity or towncity limit boundaries or locations
cstcoastcoast line of california from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
ctycountycounties in California
lcllocale namelocale names from GNIS (Geographic Names Information System)
milmilitary landmilitary land
natnatural areanatural area designations
ncanational conservation area national conservation areas in CA
nclnclwmanational conservation lands and wildlife management areas
nfsForest ServiceNational Forest System
nmtNational MonumentNational Monument
npspark serviceNational Park Service
pplpopulated placepopulated place such as cities, towns, etc.
resIndian reservationIndian reservations
rsvreservepreserve or reserve area, usually botanical or zoological in nature
sensenate districtCalifornia senate districts
stastatestate or province
stpstate parkstate parks and state preserves
wldwildernessdesignated wilderness areas
wsawildernesswilderness study areas
wsrwild & scenic riverwild & scenic river


CATEGORY: ecology
Description: eco regions, vegetation, gap analysis

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ecoecologic regionecologic region
einecological inv. datainventory transects or areas, usually for combined sensitive animal and plant surveys
ldclandcover use designation landcover use designation such as vegetation type, urban class, etc. 
pfcproper fcn conditionproper fcn condition for stream/riparian ecology
ripriparian zoneriparian locations and habitat
smsstream monitoring sitesstream monitoring sites
whrwildlife habitat relationshipwildlife habitat relationship data from whr codes in gap analysis data


Description: all information having to do with animals

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ahbanimal habitat animal habitat data including threatened and endangered species
ainanimal transectinventory transects or areas 
anlanimal locationanimal locations including threatened and endangered species 
arganimal rangespecies ranges for animals; generalized areas that include known, potential and non-habitat
dtcdesert tortoise categoriesdesert tortoise categories


CATEGORY: fire_mgmt
Description: management zone, jurisdiction, fire station, etc

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crucdf ranger unitCalifornia Department of Forestry and Fire Protection ranger units
dpadirect fire protectdirect fire protection locations
fbkfirebreakroads and other lineaments defined as firebreak boundaries
fedfederal fire responsibility areasfederal fire responsibility areas
fmzfire management zone fire management zone location
hfifire historywildfire history
nfsnfs fire responsibilityNational Forest Service fire responsibility
pfiprescribed fireprescribed fire locations, proposed and initiated


Description: all information having to do with plants

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agragriculturecurrent and fallow agriculture
calcal veg datacal veg mapping project data
gapgap analysis datagap analysis data
herherbarium collection location location of herbarium collection sites, for botanical specimens
hvghistorical veghistorical vegetation location, boundary or area of extent
noxnoxious weedsnoxious weeds
phbplant habitatplant habitat including threatened and endangered species
pinplant transectinventory transects or areas
pltplant locationplant locations, including threatened and endangered species
prgplant rangespecies ranges for plants; generalized areas that include know, potential and non-habitat
vegvegetationcurrent and/or updated vegetation
wmpweed management plan polygonweed management plan polygons to mirco-manage weed eradication program


CATEGORY: forestry
Description: timber production, capability classifications, etc.

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finforest inventoryoperation inventory, extensive forest inventory, national forest health informtion
frfreforestationtree planting, etc.
fsiforest stand improv.all forest improvements, tsi, release, spray projects, density projects
tpctimber productiontimber production capability classes
tshtimber sale historyhistory of all timber sales


CATEGORY: hazardous_material
Description: contamination/waste/sample site, health hazard area, superfund location

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hazhazardous mat locnhazardous material locations, including both anthropic and naturally occurring hazards
sup"superfund" locationepa-designated 'superfund' locations (cercla)


CATEGORY: hillshade
Description: all hillshade data

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hshhillshade gridall hillshade grids regardless of extent, or display variables


CATEGORY: hydrography
Description: water information including precipitation data

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fhaflood hazard areaflood hazard area
huchydrologic unithydrologic unit codes/boundary
hydhydrographic datahydrographic data, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, including man-made features, canals etc
pcpprecipitation dataprecipitation data
wimwater improvementwater improvements such as wildlife guzzlers, stock tanks, wind mills for water, dams, rec site
wshwatershed boundaryhydrographic watershed boundary


CATEGORY: hypsography
Description: all contour data

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cntcontourderived from dems
elvelevation dataspot elevation data
hyphypsographyscanned contour data


Description: ownership, acquisition, disposal, row, etc

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ownownershipsurface ownership
rowright-of-waylinear right-of-way location such as road, pipeline and communication site locations
wthwithdrawalwithdrawal action


CATEGORY: law_enforcement
Description: patrol, incident, trespass 

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tpstrespassany and all trespass


CATEGORY: minerals_mgmt
Description: potential, leases, power plant, etc. 

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engenergyenergy minerals
gemgeology energygeology energy minerals and inventory
grageothermal resource areasgeothermal resource areas
indindustrialindustrial/non-metallic minerals
kgsknown geothermal potknown geothermal potential locations
loclocatablelocatable location, usually mining claim
lsboil,gas,geo leaseoil, gas, geothermal lease locations and well locations
minfed mineral estatefederal mineral ownership estate
mlsmining ind loc sysmining industry location system, mineral occurrence locations from bureau of mines
mnemine locationmine locations, including extent of disturbed areas
nsono-surface occupancynon-surface occupancy locations for restrictions of oil and gas exploration activities
ogpoil&gas potentialoil and gas discovery and production potential
ppspower plant sitepower plant site
slmsaleable materialsaleable material locations


CATEGORY: modern_culture
Description: man made items, NOT Archeology 

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fcefence and barrierfence and barriers, including ohv and range related fences
nfsforest systemNational Forest System
wthweather stationweather stations


CATEGORY: physiography
Description: soil, land form, geology 

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aspaspect dataaspect data
fltfaultgeologic fault locations and trend, may also include strike and dip locations
geobedrock geologybedrock geology, formations and outcrops, sampling and hobby mineral locations
gmpgeology map sheetindex to location of geology map sheets, including non-quad defined extents
lsllandslidelandslides, quaternary geology and mass-wasting deposits
slpslopeslope grids or coverages
slssoils datasoil boundary, sampling points
smtsummitmountain summits
soisoilsoil types


CATEGORY: planning
Description: rmp, operating area, mgmt plan 

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hmphabitat mgmt planhabitat management plan
mgpmanagement planmanagement plans
mucmultiple use classmultiple use class designation designation
plbplanningmisc planning boundary not covered by another theme
rmpres mgmt plan bdryresource management plan boundary interior to a field office
stbstudy area boundarystudy areas associated with planning boundaries
zonlocal zoning desigcounty and community zoning designation


CATEGORY: range_mgmt
Description: improvement, allotment, inventory, monitoring, utilization 

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grzgrazing allotmentgrazing allotment
haoherd areaoriginal designated herd area for wild horse and burros
hmaherd managementherd management area for wild horse and burros
racrange action committeerange action committee
rgerange utilizationrange grazing utilization and potential
rimrange improvementrange improvement projects - not water improvements


CATEGORY: recreation
Description: rec area, vehicle designation, visitor mgmt zone, shooting designation, special mgmt area                                  

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bhzbear hunting zonebear hunting zones
hnthunting areahunting areas
nszno shooting zoneno shooting zones
ohvoff-hiway-vehicleoff-highway-vehicle designation areas including event routes
pctpacific crest trailpacific crest trail
phzpronghorn huntingpronghorn antelope hunting zones
rfcrecreation facilityrecreation facilities
rmarecreation mgmt arearecreation mgmt area
trltrailtrails for non-motorized use, including biking
vrmvisual res mgmtvisual resource management area location, boundary or area of extent


CATEGORY: transportation
Description: road, railroad, pipeline, transmission line, transportation plan 

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afdairfieldairfield locations
hwyhighwaystate, federal, interstate highways
mrtmajor routemajor routes; more roads than highways, but fewer roads that entire rts data set; process efficiency
ptlpipe & transmissionpipe and transmission lines
rdsrouteall roads and trails including non-motorized


DOMAIN: reference_system
Description: data having to do with coordinate systems

Description: aerial photo, photo index, image index                          

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aixairphoto indexairphoto indexes
iiximage indeximage indexes
pixphoto indexphoto indexes


Description: plss including land grants, gcdb, geodetic control, etc.        

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ctlGCDB controlGCDB control
gcdGCDBGCDB data (geographic coordinate data base) data
mqdmeridianplss meridians by quadrant (NE,NW,SE,SW)
plspublic land surveypublic land survey system, including section lines, township lines, and land grants
spsspecial surveyspecial surveys


CATEGORY: projection_file
Description: conversion files from one projection to another                

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CATEGORY: quad_frame
Description: tic, quadframes, lat/long & utm grid                            

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qdfquad frame24k, 100k, 250k, 1 min quad frames
spzstate plane zonestate plane zones