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Biscar Wildlife Area
Site 5 in the California Wildlife Viewing Guide.



pen & noteDescription View of Biscar area.

Two small reservoirs within Snowstorm Creek Canyon collect water and attract water birds. Lower Biscar reservoir is about 45 acres, Upper Biscar about 15 acres.
      No improvements currently exist for parking, picnicking or trails. However, space for parking is available below the dam at Lower Biscar (see "How to get here," below). Access to the reservoirs is by foot along the lower side slopes of Snowstorm Creek Canyon.
      Surrounding area vegetation includes sage, rabbitbrush and juniper.

pawAnimals you may see here

  •  Birds: The reservoirs attract water birds including osprey and white pelicans. Vegetation of the surrounding area may contain upland bird species including chukar and sage grouse.
  • Other wildife: During summers, mule deer and pronghorn antelope come to the lakeshore for water at about dawn and dusk. Muskrats live in wetland areas.

binocularsViewing tips for this area

  •  Spring to early fall are good times to view waterfowl and osprey.
  • Spring and summer, upland birds abound.
  • Summers are good for viewing wading birds.
  • Be sure to see tips for "Ultimate Wildlife Watching."

compassHow to get here

From Susanville, take U.S. Highway 395 about 34 miles north (about 20 miles north of Litchfield). Turn west on Karlo Road. Cross railroad tracks, drive six miles to Lower Biscar Reservoir, where space for parking is available below the dam. Karlo Road is dirt, and may be impassable when wet. Call for road information.

rulerSize: 270 acres.

clip boardManaged by: Bureau of Land Management, Eagle Lake Field Office.

infoFor more information, contact: Bureau of Land Management, Eagle Lake Field Office.

Site 5 in the California Wildlife Viewing Guide.