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Other BLM Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

The following policy applies to BLM lands that were not identified as Wilderness Study Areas or formally designated by Congress as Wilderness. The BLM is required under Section 201 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) to maintain on a continuing basis an inventory of all public lands and their resources and other values. This inventory requirement includes maintaining information regarding wilderness characteristics. Section 201 also provides that the preparation and maintenance of the inventory shall not, of itself, change or prevent change of the management or use of the lands. The 6310 Manual, Conducting Wilderness Characteristics Inventory on BLM Lands, provides the BLM with guidance on how to conduct and maintain an inventory for wilderness characteristics.

Section 202 of FLPMA requires BLM to rely on the resource inventories described above in the development and revision of land use plans, including inventory information regarding wilderness characteristics. Consistent with FLPMA and other applicable authorities, the BLM will continue to consider the protection of wilderness characteristics on public lands as part of its multiple-use mandate in developing and revising land use plans and when making subsequent project level decisions. In accordance with NEPA, BLM offices will analyze the potential effects of proposed actions and alternatives for land use plan decisions on lands with wilderness characteristics when they are present. The 6320 Manual, Considering Lands With Wilderness Characteristics in the BLM Land Use Planning Process, provides direction for land use planning for identified lands with wilderness characteristics.

(note: These areas are not components of the National Landscape Conservation System)