Halter Projects and Fostered Animals Available for Adoption 

Fostered horses
Sometimes adopters must give up their untitled horses for any number of reasons—relocation, family changes, economic changes, etc.  The BLM is willing to take these horses back, as it is illegal to sell an untitled horse.  If the horses have any training, the BLM prefers that they do not go back to the corrals. Often our volunteers will foster these horses until they find new adopters. The volunteers will continue training and handling the horses. They learn about the animals and can give the new adopters insight into the horses’ personalities.

Halter projects
If you have ever been to a BLM adoption in California, chances are you have met one of our Wild Horse and Burro volunteers. After an adoption event is over, our volunteers sometimes offer to take one of the unadopted horses home as a halter project. The volunteers work on getting the horses halter trained for the next adoption or event in their area. 

All the fostered horses and halter projects are available immediately for adoption. You do not need to wait until the next event to adopt one of these horses. You will need to have adequate facilities to care for the horses, but six foot fences in a containment area may not be required for halter trained animals. For more information on adopting one of these started animals, please contact Amy at adumas@blm.gov or 916-978-4678.

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