Chemehuevi Herd Management Area (CA-698)

LOCATION:   The Chemehuevi Herd Management Area is located in eastern San Bernardino County, CA and encompasses an area from 7 miles south of Needles, CA to the Parker Dam and includes land east of U.S. 95 eastward to the Colorado River.
ACREAGE:     79,000 acres are managed for wild burros
HERD SIZE:    108 head
BURRO COLORS:     Gray, blue, black and pink
SIZE OF HORSES:     11 to 12 hands and 500-600 pounds
HISTORY:       The burros in this area are believed to have originated from mining operations in the 1800’s. With introduction of the railroad in this area the miners abandoned their animals into the foothills.
Chemehuevi Herd Management Area
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